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Transfer Money Quickly from Canada to Nigeria with Africhange



Africhange is a remittance platform that allows for quick transfer of Canadian Dollars to Naira in any Nigerian bank account. The platform can be accessed via the website or the mobile app available for both android and iOS.

By using the Africhange, residents living in Canada can now enable their families back home to simply access sustainable financial services for productive uses like entrepreneurship, education financing, savings and healthcare. Africhange looks forward to changing the way people send money to Africa and though currently serving Africans in Nigeria, they are determined to extend operations to all of Africa eventually.

Transactions worth over $5 Million successfully completed!
Canada-based Nigerian fintech startup launched in December 2020, Africhange announced that it has acquired over 1,000 customers and recorded over $1 million in transaction volumes as at the end of May 2021. That figure has since grown to over $5 million dollars in the space of two months.

Unique Features
One of the best features of Africhange is that they consistently send emails to their users to inform them about the latest exchange rates and updates.

That way, you always know precisely how much money your recipient will receive. For example, If you need to convert 100 CAD to NGN and send it to a friend or family in Nigeria.

Competitive Exchange Rates
Africhange provides their users with some of the best exchange rates in the market, offering rates as great as 1 CAD to 410 NGN. Users can see the naira equivalent immediately when they type the CAD quantity they want to send to the recipient. Also, the platform supports all banks in Nigeria, ensuring ease and comfort in the remittance process.

How do you get started on Africhange?
It is pretty easy and straightforward. Just download the mobile app from Playstore or AppStore or visit the africhange website to sign up. After signing up, complete the KYC process and start sending money with Africhange.

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