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Official Real Estate Brokerage Firm for Landwey: Here’s What Happened at the Alvin Grey & Associates Mid-Year Realtors Conference



To cap what has been a busy month of July, Alvin Grey & Associates – the official real estate brokerage firm of LandWey, one of Nigeria’s leading real estate companies – held its 2021 3-day Mid-Year Realtors Conference.

The 3-day event themed “Go Mega” was packed full with highly impactful activities targeted at better equipping registered realtors to take their skills to the next level. For the first two days, attendees sat under the tutelage of coaches and experts across different fields in masterclass sessions, garnering enough valuable insights to transform their service delivery.

Speakers present at the event were Mfon Ekpo, a learning and development coach, Steve Harris, business coach, Juliet Okene, author and coach, Abiola Champ, performance coach and author, Kunle Soriyan, a global thought leader and futurist and Damilola Oluwatoyinbo, author and public speaker.

The Acting Managing Director of LandWey – Adesola Bello – kicked off the conference with an opening speech in which she expressed pride at the turnout, and the achievements made thus far. She went ahead to shed light on the theme, explaining how the entire event was put together to challenge realtors to push beyond the ordinary.

“To be mega is to be beyond average size, it’s breaking out of the box that should ordinarily constrain you, reaching for everything you want to achieve, daring to be larger than life”. She went on to note that the mid-year conference was set up to give the realtors everything they need to go into the second half of the year and win.”

Top-selling realtors and associates were also recognized for their impressive performance, with the unveiling of the Wall of Fame, and the announcement of several incentives for the highest performing realtors. Incentives included a Toyota Camry, Mercedes C-Class, a Nord Tank, and a number of others.

The 3-day knowledge-sharing conference came to a climax on a lighter note with a much-deserved boat cruise as associates were treated to a fun evening of wining and dining. On welcoming the associates on the cruise, Adesola Bello urged associates to enjoy the cruise as they get charged for the next half of the year.

“This is a much-deserved breather from a busy first half of the year and a good way to set the pace for an even busier second half of the year.”

She went on to say,

“Alvin Grey & Associates, seeks not just to reward its well-performing associates, but to educate, train, coach and ensure the all-round growth of realtors and the real estate industry at large.”

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  1. Alison John Okpeh

    April 6, 2022 at 9:35 am

    You are a real estate brokerage and coaching company. LandWey revolutionizes the wayy we think about real estate.

  2. Alison John Okpeh

    April 6, 2022 at 9:42 am

    I strongly believed that their vast experience in the real estate business has allowed us to perfect the art of closing deals creating marketing systems that convert leads into clients and team building techniques necessary to help you dominate the real estate industry.

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