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#BNxBBNaija6 Weekly Recap: All the Twists & Turns from Week Two in Biggie’s House

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The second week in Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye season wrapped up on a high note for the new housemates that joined the reality show, and the total opposite for those who were evicted on Sunday’s Live Eviction Show.

In all, it was a thrilling week with many twists that had emotions flying here and there, and we’re back with the weekly recap to keep you updated on all things #BBNaija6.

Day 9: Boma is the new HoH – BBNaija

Boma emerged as this week’s Head of House for the BBNaija Shine Ya Eye Season in a keenly contested ‘Game of Balls’. Boma took over from Peace and became the second Shine Ya Eye HoH.

The rules of the Game

This ‘Game of Balls’ wasn’t too different from the last one they played. The only things that changed were the obstacles. The Housemate had to roll a ‘six’ from the ‘Start’ position immediately after the buzzer went off. The game had six coloured stickers randomly placed on its steps, and each colour represented an obstacle that players had to overcome until they reached the end zone.

Game time

The first Housemate to go was Saga, but he ended up starting the course late and barely making it through because rolling a six was challenging for him. The same fate befell Angel, Whitemoney, Nini, Tega, Jaypaul, Princess, Pere, Liquorose, Maria and Saskay. While Jackie B had a fortunate break early on with a ‘Six,’ she couldn’t overcome the obstacles she faced. Sammie, Princess, Yerins, Niyi, Arin, Cross, Beatrice, Yousef and Emmanuel had the same fate too. Boma was the most fortunate. He got an early start and was able to make it the farthest. Only Niyi was able to come a close second.

HoH Winnings

As the winner of the HoH Challenge, Boma gained Immunity from the week’s possible Eviction, at the same time gaining exclusive access to the Head of House lounge for the week. He got to enjoy all this luxury with Jackie B whom he picked as his Deputy.

The first BBNaija Nominations are in

It was the question on everybody’s mind from when the Housemates totally failed to get anywhere close to identifying the two Wildcards – how would Maria and Pere be treated by those they had so recently – and spectacularly – duped?

Of course, it was not just them who had something to be worried about. Liquorose and Jaypaul would have been less than one hundred percent confident in their chances of getting through the first Nomination session of the Season since they were thought to be the two Wildcards. They weren’t, but the vote suggests that at least some of the Housemates were hoping that they might get lucky on two counts – correctly identify the two Wildcards and get rid of unwanted Housemates.

Beatrice and Yerins might also have been a bit concerned, since they were the two Housemates hot on the heels of the Wildcard vote leaders, except – of course – they didn’t know that. We did, though, and it was that little bit of what literary academics like to call “dramatic irony” that made the Nominations anything but a fait accompli.

It started as it always does – Big Brother’s booming baritone beckoning the bewildered Housemates to the Diary Room (and toward some needless alliteration). There, one by one, the Housemates were required to put somebody’s head on the block, ready for the chop.  And… that’s where the predictability stopped, because when we say, “one by one”, we should actually say, “one and then the other”.  Only two Housemates were called into the Diary Room – the two former Wildcards.

Maria and Pere were informed that they would have four Nominations, each, and that they would be the only Housemates doing any nominating at all. This, of course, gave them an incredible edge – they got to decide who was up for Nomination, without their Votes being watered down by those of the other Housemates, and they are guaranteed to be safe at the next Eviction.

On the other hand, since nobody else got to Nominate anybody, the nominated Housemates knew exactly who to blame for their situation.  It seemed that Maria and Pere were not out of jeopardy, just yet.  The Housemates who had Maria to thank for their predicament were Beatrice, Jaypaul, Whitemoney and… Jannis – that last one doesn’t exist, in the House.  After more than a week, she didn’t know that his name was “Yerins”.  No wonder he made the list.

Pere’s list of nominees included Beatrice, Yerins, Niyi and Whitemoney.  So – it turned out that Beatrice and Yerins were on the block, despite only the Wildcards voting. Both Maria and Pere also Nominated Whitemoney – the Housemate they thought had the best chance of identifying them as the Wildcards.  Clearly, they had identified a threat.

“Housemates – the Nominations process is now complete.”

Those words dropped like a bomb, as did the Housemates’ realisation of the implications. All that was left was to identify the Housemates who were nominated: Beatrice, Yerins, Jaypaul, Niyi and Whitemoney. Boma – as Head of House – was offered the chance to use his position to veto one of the Nominations, and replace it with another. Thus was Jaypaul saved, and Yousef put in his place.  None of the other Housemates knew exactly who voted for them, except Yousef.

Day 10: Maria dashes Pere’s dreams of a relationship – BBNaija

Pere was after “friendship with intentions”, but Maria was not having any of it.

What a time it had been for the Wildcards. From evading possible Eviction, to getting Nomination privileges from Biggie, Maria and Pere had had quite a run of activities. Did these sets of activities create a bond between them? Well, Pere seemed to think so because he wanted more.

Pere decided to take the bull by the horns and went over to Maria’s room to tell her about his growing affection for her. This after Liquorose told him how Maria always blushes at the mention of Pere’s name. Unfortunately for Pere, Maria wasn’t having any of it. She told Pere straight up that she does not like him the way he likes her – and can’t fake it. After her honest revelation, she went back to sleep.

Pere then had a conversation with Sammie, passing off Maria’s comments as her being scared of committing to a relationship with him. The gist between them continued in the morning with Sammie encouraging Pere to put in more effort with speaking to Maria, saying she would listen to him later on.

Pere on the other hand seemed to be trying to console himself with the idea that he doesn’t necessarily want to be in a relationship with anyone in the House. What he wants with Maria, however, is what he calls “friendship with good intentions”. He claimed not to be interested in just a platonic friendship with Maria because he would like to have something more with her outside the House. Pere also went on to explain to Sammie that his kissing Beatrice in the truth or dare game they had, is also one of the reasons Maria rejected him.

Beatrice also thought that could be it. In a conversation with Angel, Beatrice alluded to the fact that Maria seemed annoyed by the kiss and eventually left the geng and headed off to her bed. “She likes him very much,” she told Angel.

Now that Maria has cleared Pere out of the way (or has she?), is there anyone that could really be on her radar? We are not sure but during the ’Truth or Dare’ game, Emmanuel was told to pick his crush and give her a kiss as well as a lap dance. Emmanuel went for Liquorose and then did the needful.

What’s the point of all these details, you ask? Well, it was Maria’s face while it all happened. She looked quite uneasy and annoyed the whole time. Could it be that she has a thing for Emmanuel? Or was she annoyed that Pere kissed Beatrice? Hmmm! We are not sure for now but we can’t wait to see all the relationship drama that unfolds in the weeks to come.

Day 10: Peace considers confronting Sammie – BBNaija

Peace considers confronting Sammie – BBNaija

Sammie is taking chances and risking it all. Hey Shippers, gather up you may need some Pythagoras theorem to solve this triangle before we descend into more wahala.

During her Diary Session, Peace expressed frustration over Sammie’s advances towards her and she was not impressed. She made it clear that Sammie’s sly propositions would end up in a confrontation soon.

After weeks of Sammie and Angel being paired up, Peace found it disrespectful that Sammie was going behind Angel’s back to talk to her and was considering confronting him if he did it again. What if Sammie was trying to spark a platonic friendship, similar to the one we have seen with Jackie B?

However, after a heated evening of playing Truth or Dare, we couldn’t help but wonder if Sammie’s uncertainty with Angel was compounded by the kissing scenes he witnessed during the game. Sammie’s confession to Jackie B about his love for Angel may have taken a low blow. We can’t help but feel sorry for Sammie for his unrequited love.

The question here is whether Sammie is justified in taking chances at love with other Housemates, or is he risking it all now?

Some kind of ‘TED Talk’ – BBNaija

The Housemates never cease to amaze us with all their knowledge. It was another woke afternoon for the #BBNaija Housemates as they gathered in the garden for endless discussions on life, careers, relationships and gender roles.

We likened this set-up to a TED Talk because of the amount of expertise we could draw from each speaker. We must say, the Shine Ya Eye Geng is truly an experienced bunch because we keep learning something new from them daily.

Saga gave us a bit of a science lecture taking us through his daily occupation as an engineer. This gave us a new perspective on him after we became so used to seeing him as the ‘fitness trainer’ in the House.

Day 10: Some kind of ‘TED Talk’ – BBNaija

Yerins,  the Polymath, came through with a biology lesson and we felt like it should have been compulsory to take notes. The Housemate is undoubtedly full of ideas that wouldn’t keep the average man up at night. His passions have us wondering how much talking one would experience during a medical consultation with him. Cross who instigated the Truth or Dare game on Sunday night after the Wildcard reveal impressed the Housemates when he broke down the art of love.

Arin showed the Housemates her understanding of feminism and how it has shaped her worldview. She also gave a short lesson on creation and how it connects to her interactions with others.

Boma brought all his acquired knowledge about acting and the film industry – a topic that he is very well versed in due to his industry experience in the USA. “How do I start, where do I go? What do I do?” were some of the questions he answered during his talk.

Tega opened up about her marriage and the mutual agreement that she had with her husband before her entry into the reality show. It is quite a marvel to see the level of understanding that some Housemates must reach before committing to the Big Brother Naija House.

Whitemoney assumed the position of the mouthpiece in the House during the first week of the show took us down memory lane recalling memories of his hustle as a barber by day and a motorbike driver by night.

Pere took the stage to talk about his experience as a soldier in Afghan. He told a vivid story of his time in battle. When asked why he joined the military, he shared that it was personal but involved immigration reasons.

Day 11: A sobering Diary Session – BBNaija

Day 11: A sobering Diary Session – BBNaija

It had been a couple of eye-opening days for the Housemates. The Diary Session that took place after the first Nomination show exposed the fact that some of the Housemates had not yet realised the importance of the phrase ‘Shine Ya Eye’.

Nini was the first one to be called in for the Diary Session where she admitted to dismissing everyone who hinted Maria as a Wildcard. She also seems to be holding on to a lot of information, however, because she doesn’t want to be stepping on anyone’s toes especially Maria. She revealed that she has learned not to be too trusting going forward in the game.

Cross went in after Nini, mentioning that he misses his mother. He also requested that Big Brother give them enough drinks, but he has also realised that he needs to be more focused on the game.

Saskay came in afterwards, saying that she had a panic attack for the first time in her life and it was triggered by Ebuka’s statement when he said they were boring, during the Live Show. This was right before she mentioned how Yousef and Jaypaul are making her uncomfortable by confessing their love to her. Without holding back, she spoke of Arin being rude and Pere having too much sexual energy. It is fascinating how quick it took for her to pick up on these Housemate’s characteristics.

Nominated Housemates, Yousef and Beatrice said they would try to be more fun in the House. Beatrice admitted it was tough being behind closed doors with people she doesn’t know, because they seem to always find fault in whatever she does.

On the other hand, fellow Nominee Whitemoney, whose Diary Session came after Beatrice’s, said he’s happy with the recognition the show has given him, and he understands that it is a game. Niyi walked into the session with #positivevibes and shared that he was sure he would remain in the House as he was being his true self.

Maria gave her reasons why she Nominated her selected Housemates, but she also said she had no reason why she Nominated Whitemoney, because she liked him as a friend.

Tega told Biggie that the Wildcard thing had disturbed her peace. She had to brace for what was coming by being mentally ready for her future in the reality show. She emphasised on the need for focus and paying attention to details during the game.

Sammie who has been feeling dribbled in his emerging Ship with Angel talked about having self-confidence and developing stamina thanks to being in the #BBNaija House.

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During Peace’s Diary Session, she reflected on her need to stop being too sure. Adding that she is just naturally a trusting person, but she shouldn’t expect everything to go as planned. Jaypaul who was saved by the Head of House Boma from Nomination spoke of how he didn’t anticipate being Nominated. He said, “It was a shock to me, and I didn’t see it coming at the end of the Wildcard thing.” By the end of his session he added, “Right now, my respect for Pere has tripled because he played his part very well.”

In Arin’s session, she expressed that she liked Boma as the HoH and believed they were in good hands. Regarding the Evictions, she thought she would be up for Nomination after the fights that she has had in the House.

Saga was all smiles and joy in the Diary Room saying that he was just trying to be happy and still settling into the House and everyone’s dynamic. He added that he felt as if he was played by Pere, but he acknowledged that this is a game, and he must keep his eyes peeled moving forward.

Princess shared that one of her biggest lessons thus far in the House were that she has learned how to relax as a hot-tempered person, but she has been able to keep her cool in these past few days. Emmanuel who was visibly emotional about discovering that Liquorose was not a Wildcard shared how he keeps listening to opinions and arguing while time is being wasted. His biggest lesson in the game so far has been patience.

Liquorose told Biggie that she wished to have the super talent to read minds. This past weekend was a reality check for her because she had kind of forgotten that she shouldn’t be caught sleeping or too comfortable in the game. Apart from her love interest in Sammie, Angel shared how she has learned how to coexist with other people because she says she is usually all to herself outside the House.

It is a sobering fact that only one of them can be the grand prize winner, but we are keen to see what steps the Housemates take next to remain in the #BBNaija House.

Fire on the runway – BBNaija

The BBNaija Shine Ya Eye Geng set fire to the runway in the jiggiest of outfits.

The Shine Ya Eye Geng put on a stunning fashion on Wednesday night that had the House buzzing like Fashion Week in Lagos. This was initiated by Whitemoney, who suggested they did something fun “together as a family” since their weekly Task hadn’t come in yet.

Jiggy Fellas and Trendy Ladies

Not wanting to be outshined by the other, the Housemates went all out preparing for the fashion show. Taking their time because nothing great is ever rushed, the Housemates made certain everything was, as they say, “on fleek”. Dressed in killer and trendy outfits, the Shine Ya Eye Geng showed up and showed off for a night like no other.

Hitting the runway

The show kicked off with the pomp and pageantry of a real fashion show, hosted by the dazzling Angel. There was even a talent show and a musical performance. It really doesn’t get better than this – or does it? Pere, Princess, Yerins, Tega and Beatrice were the judges, and did they have their work of awarding points to each Housemate cut out for them!

One by one, the Housemates hit the runway to show the judges and the other Housemates what they were working with and also to answer questions. Everything about the show was spectacular, from the walk of the Housemates to their confidence – and the snazzy outfits they wore.

Crowning the Fashion Killas

Surprise, surprise, both the Head of House, Boma, and his Deputy, Jackie B, were crowned winners. Jackie B won the women’s category, but it was a tie between Boma and Saga in the men’s; a tie that was eventually broken when Boma got a question right. This win means they both smile all the way to the bank with 400 Abeg Naira. That wasn’t all, some generous Housemates threw a few goodies in. Pere gave them 500 Dollars and Whitemoney added shoes worth 150,000 Naira. Talk about winning big.

Watch the Fashion Show here

Housemates participate in first Token Challenge – BBNaija

The BBNaija Housemates dusted up their artistic skills for the first bb token challenge of the season.

The Housemates had their first Token Challenge of the season in the most colourful way today. In the afternoon, Housemates received a brief from Biggie telling them to divide themselves into three groups. The group that won the challenge would be rewarded with valuable BB Tokens. The Housemates were provided with art materials and easels. Each team was required to create an art piece using the items provided.

Housemates were instructed to cut the materials into small pieces and stick them on the easel to create a beautiful collage using their imagination. The team with the most creative and beautiful collage would win the challenge.

The Housemates were given three hours to complete the task and later got another brief from Biggie. This time each team was to pick a representative to give a short presentation explaining the idea behind their artwork.

Group 1 was represented by Yerins. The theme of their artwork was ‘Eye on the prize’. According to Yerins, the artwork represents the different emotions the Housemates go through in the BBNaija House.

Saga who represented Group 2, said the theme of his group’s artwork was ‘Eyes of the eagle’. According to his explanation, the artwork represents the Housemates coming out of the house as eagles. Basically their career goals appear clearer to them now that they are in the House.

The third group was represented by Arin. The theme of their artwork was ‘Circle of life’, Their aim was to show the dual nature of life.

Day 12: A shoulder to lean on – BBNaija

We love it when the sisterhood gets together in the House. Angel and Arin had a heart-to-heart conversation right after the Housemates wrapped up their BB Token Task challenge. Angel was seen speaking to Arin in the garden, opening up about her insecurities and how much they are weighing her down.

Angel, who was in tears, started explaining how depression takes a huge toll on her well-being. She opened up about being in pain almost every day in the House. Arin couldn’t help but tear up as well while Angel cried, advising her to “take each day as it comes”. She also encouraged Angel not to feel pressured to deal with any issue she is facing.

Maria, who was seated near the two, chipped in saying Angel should look at all the other people in the House and understand that everyone is trying to get their life together. She went on to recount her age and the ages of other Housemates who are much older in the House, in a bid to make Angel see that people who were older than her were also still figuring out their lives.

There is nothing more precious than being surrounded by support in a time of need and we can see that the Shine Ya Eye geng have each other’s backs.

The Airtel Task – BBNaija

The BBNaija Shine Ya Eye Housemates had their hands full with the Airtel Task.

After completing their first Token Challenge, the Shine Ya Eye Housemates had another Task on their hands and this time, it was the Airtel Task. This Task has been divided into 3 parts.

The First Task

Attached to the Brief was a big airtel envelope containing 22 smaller envelopes for each Housemate. The Head of House, Boma proceeded to distribute the envelopes to all Housemates with their corresponding names. Inside each small envelope were instructions for the first Task.

They were not allowed to discuss or disclose the information written inside their envelopes. Any Housemate who broke this rule would automatically be disqualified from the Task. The Housemates had only one hour to complete this first Task. The sound of the buzzer would signify when they were to start and when to end. A

irtel merchandise was also provided for them. It wasn’t too long after each Housemate got their merchandise and envelope that the buzzer went off. Not wasting any more time, the Housemate got down to the business of executing their first Task.

The Hidden Instruction

For Arin and Saga, they were Tasked to ensure that the House remained lively for the one-hour duration. It was their responsibility to ensure that the Housemates interacted and were in high spirits. They had to come up with ways to carry this Task without being obvious about it.

The rest of the Housemates

They were to completely ignore Saga and Arin. No interactions, no touching, no eye contact, nothing. They were to act as if they do not exist while going about their regular activities. They were not to talk, smile, play, blink, or even give as much as a sign to both of them.

The Second Task

Done with the first part of the Airtel Task, the Housemates soon moved to the second part. For this part, all the Housemates were asked to gather in front of the TV in the lounge to watch a video.

Immediately after they finished watching the video, they each had to take turns answering if they had ever been ghosted on before due to network issues and their first reaction was when they found out they didn’t have access to the internet. They had only 30 minutes to carry out this activity and they were to be guided on when to start and when to end by the sound of the buzzer.

The Final Task

For the final part of the Task, the Housemates were asked to divide themselves into three teams. Each team must comprise male and female members.

Once formed, they have 90 minutes to create and write a perfect sequel to the Airtel Ghost advert played for them. Once the 90 minutes elapses, all teams proceeded to the arena to make their presentations wearing the new merchandise. In the arena, the Head of House coordinated the entire process by calling the teams one after another to make their presentations. Each team had five minutes to make their presentation.

Day 13: The million Naira geng – BBNaija

A few Housemates won a million Naira for an amazing presentation.

Team Three comprising Beatrice, Yerins, Whitemoney, Tega, Angel and Arin was the first to make their presentation. Showcasing what it means to not be heard due to network issues, the team delivered what they considered the perfect sequel to the Ghost Ad.

Team Two comprised of Nini, Liquorose, Pere, Jaypaul, Jackie B and Yousef, also emphasized the same point and ended with a medley. Team One comprising Emmanuel, Maria, Cross, Niyi, Peace, Boma, Princess and Sammie wrapped up with their presentation that featured a pregnant Maria who couldn’t get through to her husband due to network issues.

Saga, Whitemoney, Arin, Yerins, Angel, Beatrice and Tega all comprising of Team Three were crowned winners of the Airtel Task. To reward this feat, they were awarded the sum of One Million Naira. The entire House also got an Airtel Mifi each as a reward for their efforts in completing the Task.

Congratulations to Team Three. Moving on from the Task, the Housemates already had their eyes focused on other Tasks and judging by the cash prize awarded, they plan to take all their Tasks even more serious. They know there’s a lot riding on it.

Housemates are taking it slow – BBNaija

These ships are in slow brew. Will Housemates apply pressure? Love is on the table, but the Housemates are taking it slow, and we are getting anxious to see who will be the first to make it official.

Friday’s Diary Session had Housemates comment about their crushes, love interests and the possibility of ships or situationships in the House.

Emmanuel confessed to developing feelings for Liquorose whereas Liquorose said they are good friends. Although these two are fond of each other, we can’t help but wonder how long it will take before they embrace the idea of a ship?

Whitemoney’s comment on ships in the House best set out the atmosphere by highlighting that he couldn’t really say for sure who is really into who but like him, we are hopeful that anything coming out of this must at least be good.

Peace is here for the vibes and confessed to being flirtatious “in a good way”, but how much longer will it be before the men of BBNaija start catching feelings. We may not know what sign the Housemates are waiting for to set sail on these ships, but they are taking their time.

Mad fights in the House – BBNaija

It’s a quarrel fest; can you keep up? Shhh! The thin walls in Biggie’s House can’t keep secrets – and the fights are nothing short of the quarrel fest we’ve all been anticipating.

Just after 13 days in the House, cracks are started to show up as a result of misunderstandings, leading the ladies down a rabbit hole of gbas gbos. As Big Brother’s Diary Session was underway, the ladies gathered in the closet where two fights erupted.

It is the second day we saw Maria in a war of words in the House. Maria and Jackie B set the scene with a heated exchange, and this almost led to Princess getting in trouble for laughing. We don’t blame her though because some of the exchanges put a chuckle in our throats. Words and names that we can’t even reiterate ourselves were shouted, but we can’t blame them. 22 complete strangers living in a House in perfect harmony, would be a dream come true.

Keeping to the spirit of fighting, we saw another altercation between Tega and Nini. What could have simply been a matter of conversation turned into a vicious exchange of ‘f-bombs’. All because of a chair. Tega allegedly grabbed and pulled a chair that Nini was resting her feet on without letting her know. Nini did not take this well and we are not surprised after we saw her lashing out at Pere just a week ago. Respect seems to be a major value to all the Housemates but are they doing well in communicating it with one another?

It does not end there. All the fights seemed intertwined and involve a lot of Housemates. One would assume their stay in the House is driving the geng nuts, but it honestly feels like we didn’t get the memo. Pere has become very unpopular in the House, as he has been called fake by some Housemates who say that he has been gossiping and stirring up drama for the geng. We saw him questioning Sammie and Angel’s status and trying to play the role of cupid, even though he offered to share a bed with Angel.

Gossip is the plug keeping all the wahala alive among the Shine Ya Eye geng. We saw a fired-up confrontation between Liquorose and Beatrice when she overheard her and Angel talking about the other Housemates, in the early hours of the day. This didn’t go well with Liquorose who felt she deserved transparency and realness from them.

Currently, the state of peace in the House is shaky, but we hope that the Abeg Task Challenge and Jacuzzi party will make them melt these tensions a bit.

Day 14: Built for battle – BBNaija

Day 14 was a test of speed and endurance for the Housemates. It was all about last night’s boot camp night in the #BBNaija House!

It was a suitable Task for the Housemates who clearly needed to blow off some steam after the hectic day they had. After a short water break, Biggie gave the Shine Ya Eye geng their second challenge. It was an individual course which was supposed to take each Housemate two minutes maximum to complete. The round included five challenges that had to be completed in the obstacle course.

The obstacle course was as follows:  

Challenge 1: Jump in and out of the tyres.

Challenge 2: Climb up and down the hill.

Challenge 3: Crawl under the ropes to get to the other side.

Challenge 4: Go over each hurdle to reach the other side.

Challenge 5: Drag the large tyre from the first marked spot to the second. Ensure that the second marked spot is visible through the inner circle of the tyre.

Upon completion of the firth challenge, each Housemate had to proceed to the end position, raise their arms up and say, “Abeg, I have finished”. There would be only two winners: a male and a female Housemate. Those with the fastest time were to be rewarded with 500 Abeg Naira each. The Housemates gave this challenge their best with some showing off their true athletic skills. The current HoH, Boma swiftly went through the course and Saskay followed suit as she quickly went through the challenge with ease showing us her strength.

Emmanuel, Niyi, Cross,Yousef moved fast and made it look easy. Maria gave it her best, dropping her beanie halfway through the obstacle course and struggled a little with the tyre. Arin, also fought with the tyre. It looked like a true test of athletic abilities. Sammie was quick with the routine, completing it in record time.

Jackie B had a false start and quickly recovered and finessed the tyre. Tega showed off her abilities and she at last shouted the required “Abeg I’m finished” at the end of the course. Princess started fast but slowed down halfway through the course.

Jaypaul looked light and literally made it look easy as if he has created for the challenge. Angel nearly fell in the beginning, but she pulled up her socks towards the end after she barely jumped over the hurdles. Yerins looked very ready, but Dr. Polymath showed us that his strength lies in his knowledge.

Beatrice looked like she’s built for battle as she moved with ease showing us sportwomanship. Nini went through the course without giving up and Saga, the resident coach, owned the course to the end. Peace slayed the challenge with her long hairstyle like a pro, while Whitemoney went through it in a much different fashion than we have seen during morning workouts.

Liquorose was a ball of energy as usual and Pere showed us that he is truly from the military himself and swished through it. The Housemates, however, did not follow the rules and Big Brother reprimanded them for this. In the end, Sammie and Liquorose were the winners both winning 500 Abeg Naira each. The sun is finally shining on Sammie who has been complaining about his empty wallet.

Biggie closed off by complementing Sammie and Liquorose and suggesting they might need to join the army. As a reward, all Housemates were told they can enjoy a Jacuzzi Party, as the garden area was now open for them. The BB Token challenge winners were also announced after the Abeg Task. Team Eagle consisting of Saga, Emmanuel, Jackie B, Saskay, Niyi, Liquorose and Cross won the first BB Token Challenge of the Season.

The WAW Task – BBNaija

The Housemates had a colourful Task to tackle thanks to WAW Nigeria

To conquer this Task and claim the juicy prize, the Shine Ya Eye Housemates needed some dose of creativity, originality and teamwork.

The WAW task had the House play in teams. The team names for were as follow:

  • Team Colourful WAW
  • Team WAW Effect
  • Team Classic WAW and
  • Team Amazing WAW

To determine their respective team, the Housemates have to play the “lucky dip” game. A box containing the team names has been made available for this purpose. They all took turns in picking one card from the box. After this, each team proceeded to nominate a leader for their team.

Their first activity for the day was to write a song or a poem on the WAW brand and its unique offerings. WAW brand information materials had been provided for them to study carefully.  A video was also be played immediately after the brief was read.

Housemates were expected to equip themselves with the information provided in the video to further guide them on song or poem creation. Their songs or poem were written clearly on a single notepad.

They have 60 minutes to complete this Task and the time started after they have determined team members and watched the video. The sound of the buzzer guided them on when to start and when to end.

Sing a tune with WAW – BBNaija

Music has a way of bringing people together and this is true with the Housemates. The Waw Task brought Housemates together to write either a song or a poem for the Waw Washing Detergent.

Jaypaul’s team had an exceptional jam session where they explored not only word use but harmonies. The jingle took a familiar route of a reggae fusion, a sound we have come to know as authentic to Jaypaul. Their excitement as they took turns to build their song was one of the most interesting moments the Housemates shared.

In an unexpected plot twist, the second brief advised the Housemates to exchange their songs with each other and create a rendition of each team’s jingles. This exchange had Arin a little shocked and confused but she wasn’t the only Housemate that took this badly.

Boma came back to confront Team Classic WAW over the poem they received and ended up in a heated exchange with Angel that left her feeling quite emotional after being riled up.

Tempers flared as Housemates had to start over and figure out how to make their new lyrics more musical. The third brief gave Housemates a chance to once again showcase their acting skills. We can’t help but wonder if the next Nollywood superstars will arise from this WAW Task?

The AmazingWAW team – Peace, Nini, Sammie, Pere, Jaypaul and Yousef – eventually emerged winners of this task and won the sum of 1 Million Naira for their amazing performance, while all housemates get one year supply of WAW detergent.

Day 15: A night to remember – BBNaija

The BBNaija Housemates turned up on Saturday night and sprinkled a bit of drama to cap it up. What’s a Saturday in Biggie’s House without the party that comes with it? This Saturday was no different.

The Housemates were turned up to level 100 with DJ Nana dishing out the best of tunes to the Housemates. Decked in their fresh outfits by WILO, the BBNaija Housemates went on to the Tecno photo booth to get some fresh shots with the Tecno phones in their possession. After that, it was time to Party, Party, Party! Thanks to Boomplay and Gordons, the Housemates had a blast.

After Party Shenanigans
After the party, Housemates were in high spirits and Biggie complimented it by providing them with music after the party had ended. A few of the Housemates gathered in the garden enjoying the music when a little ‘ship drama’ happened between Maria and Pere.

Maria was heard asking Pere what was wrong and why he had an attitude. Sammy and Angel walked into the conversation and had light banter with them. In the course of the banter, Maria mentioned that Pere was angry that she danced with other guys and asked Angel to kiss him as compensation. That little moment continued until Pere told Maria “You don’t matter”.

Stunned by Pere’s statement, Maria dared Pere to repeat what he said and then finally told him that the conversation they just had would be their last ever in the House. However, it seems Maria has developed a soft spot for Pere because within a minute of ending the friendship she went right back to ask Pere why he was moody and what she did.

Drunk chefs cooking
While Maria and Pere were sorting out their situationship, an obviously tipsy Whitemoney and Beatrice made noodles for themselves and their fellow Housemate. Remember we said they were tipsy?

While Whitemoney put the noodles in the pot, assistant chef Beatrice was opening up the seasoning sachets and pouring them on the kitchen table thinking it was a plate.? Talk about being lost in the moment?.

Whitemoney on his part left the noodles on fire and went to the restroom. Luckily JayPaul took over from the tipsy chefs and made sure food was available for those who wanted it. Is this too much drama for one night? No, definitely not. We want more and hope we get to see it as the weeks go by.

It’s a home invasion! – BBNaija

Three move out, but four move in. Things are getting a little crazy.

Bet you didn’t see that coming! While it was certain that at least one of the Nominated Housemates was going to be on their way, nothing prepared us for the fact that there would be a grand total of three Housemates saying goodbye to the Big Brother House.

There are top-selling music groups with fewer people than that. After a fortnight in the game, Beatrice, Niyi and Yerins were required to bid the others adieu — although they weren’t really required to do it in French — and get out of there, chop-chop. “Chop-chop” means 15 seconds, here. Biggie really doesn’t waste much time on long, drawn out goodbyes.

Day 15: It’s a home invasion! – BBNaija

Beatrice’s Nomination came on the back of her spoiler tactics during the Housemate’s hunt for the two Wildcards — a strategy that probably seems a little rash to her, now. Yerins’ status as “polymath” didn’t provide him with the assorted skillset necessary to win the game.

Then came the second shock — new arrivals. A total of four new Housemates were introduced into the game tonight, meaning that the full complement of Housemates has gone up by one, rather than down. We were pretty sure it was going to move in the other direction. It’s going to start getting a little crowded, at this rate.

Of course, the new Housemates might be at something of a disadvantage — they have no rapport with the others, they don’t know the dynamics at play and — this is a big one — there might be some resentment on the part of the Housemates who have had to play the game for the past two weeks suddenly finding themselves with these new upstarts who haven’t put in the time.

It’s worth remembering, however, that the new Housemates have had to spend these past two weeks in isolation, sequestered away from Covid-19, which can’t have been much fun.

The question, then, is who are these new Housemates? Do they have what it takes to overcome these challenges? We dunno. We know nothing more about these folks than you do, but we can tell you that it’s certainly a diverse group that entered the House.