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Chioma Ikokwu highlights the importance of social media for business success on “Shop Talk”



In this episode, Adeolu Adefarasin sits down with Chioma Ikokwu aka Chioma Good Hair and discuss the importance of building a personal brand and the power of social media in developing your business.

Advising entrepreneurs on what they can do to ensure that their business isn’t just a seasonal fad but has long-term viability in the market, she says, “I think people have to do what comes natural to them. If you do what’s more natural to you, then it’s more sustainable. If you are constantly trying to please people or please the crowd, that’s not going to last long. If what comes natural to you appeal to people, then focus on that. Be consistent. A lot of people start big, do a lot, they’re out there and then they get tired because it’s not easy. It looks like sometimes we are having fun but really and truly it is work. The need to post every single time, and the need to look on point every single time to make sure you are always in character, is a lot of work and it takes a lot of effort. If you want to go down that part, you must be willing to do it pretty more on a daily.”

“Keeping it consistent, you can be intentional. If you feel like a certain aspect of your character or your lifestyle attracts people, then maybe focus on that a lot,” she continues. “During the lockdown, I started a lot more reels and TikTok videos, and that showed a bit more of my personality and I realized that endeared people to me a lot. All of a sudden, I didn’t seem like a robot anymore. I seemed like a normal person, can dance, they can relate to. And because I saw the reception I was getting from that, I started to do a lot more. If you see something that works, I’ll say carry on doing that and just stay consistent. Don’t give up.”

Watch the video below:

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