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Catch Up on Three New Episodes of “Mum’s Worst Day” podcast with Nicole Chikwe



In episode 4 of the “Mum’s Worst Day” podcast, Datari Ladejo, a lawyer, content creator, digital strategist and amazing mum, shares her journey through motherhood, marriage and everything in between.

This conversation touches on how mothers need to find themselves after childbirth and connect with who they are. Datari, who had her baby during the Covid-19 pandemic, shared how tough it was during that stage. She also mentioned that sometimes your pregnancy might not go the way you envisioned it to be but that doesn’t make you less of a mum and it is totally fine if you’re upset about how things go.

Nicole and Datari also mentioned that in as much as pregnancy is a gift from God and a privilege, you are allowed to be human and feel all the feels, find out what makes you feel better and what keeps your spirit up. It can be music, reading or just having a group of friends to talk to.

Listen to the podcast below:

Episode 5

in this episode, beauty and fashion entrepreneur Veronica Ebie and mum of three discusses the stereotypes associated with how mothers should, how women lose their styles when they get pregnant and how to balance the dynamics of style.

Veronica also spoke extensively about the wardrobe must-haves for pregnant women while calling attention to the idea of scheduling blocking to balance family and work life. Nicole and Veronica further share insights on character building in kids.

Listen to the podcast below:

Episode 6

In episode 6, Tuke Morgan speaks to Nicole Chikwe about how she started a career playing the sax and how motherhood impacted her career in diverse ways. The conversation also shed some light on the amount of information regarding pregnancy and motherhood that women should share on social media, the kind of information and the factors to consider when putting the information out there.

Nicole and Tuke also chat about the ever-present ‘mum guilt’ and the need to take some time off to rejuvenate.

Listen to the podcast below:

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