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#BNxBBNaija: Ultimate Veto Power, Saga, Nini & Queen’s Eviction – Here’s Everthing You Missed in Week 9



Emmanuel won Ultimate Veto Power, picked Liquorose as Head of House and brought Cross along for the ride! Biggie gave Nini a task to carry out a prank on the Shine Ya Eye housemates and she executed it perfectly.

Saga, Nini and Queen also made their way out of the Big Brother Naija house in week 9. Read all the tea below:

Day 58: Emmanuel, Liquorose and Cross make it to BBNaija Final Week!

Day 58: Emmanuel, Liquorose and Cross make it to BBNaija Final Week!

Unlike the usual Head of House Games, the Ultimate Veto Power Game was a simple game of points. Each Housemate was expected to gather as many points as possible and at the end of the game, the one with the most points would win Ultimate Veto Power. In case there was a tie (which there was) a sudden death game would be played to determine the ultimate winner. The winner of Ultimate Veto Power would then get the opportunity to pick a Head of House, as well as a Deputy Head of House; both of who would also be guaranteed Immunity from Nominations.

The Obstacle Course 

There were four obstacle lanes. Each course was a simple lane and each Housemates’ challenge was to move an object from the beginning of a lane to the end of the lane. The objects were coloured ping pong balls and in Lane Three a set of balloons. Lane One gave 10 points for every successful Orange ball they were able to move from the beginning of the lane to the end of the lane and into the basket.

Lane Two gave 30 points for each white ball, while lane three with balloons gave 50 points. For this final lane, Housemates got 80 points for every black ball they successfully moved into their basket. Biggie’s catch to the Games was Housemates would compete for the UVP one by one in the Arena, unlike the usual HoH Challenge.

1632168983 28 screenshot 2021 09 20 at 19.51.32

Saga was the first Housemates to take on the Obstacle Course in Lane three. His brisk movement across this lane had him score three balloons in total before the buzzer sounded making his total points 150 in counting. However, Queen picked lane one with the Orange balls and showed off her skills as she walked that beam, Biggie had to remind her to walk not walk the beam back to pick more balls but Queen’s focus had her head in the game and not even Biggie’s voice could interrupt her – she scored five Orange balls in her basket putting her total points at 50.

1632169077 28 screenshot 2021 09 20 at 20.21.55

Whitemoney struggled at first to pick a lane in his first three attempts, however, when he finally found his footing he went straight for Lane One and quickly scored himself a whopping 10 points for successfully moving one Orange ball. Liquorose and Pere picked Lane Four with the highest scoring points per black ball, both of them tied at 160 points each.

Nini and Angel tried their best to make it through but laboured through the course – at least Nini has Saga while Angel has one black ball and one orange putting her points at 90.

1632169111 28 screenshot 2021 09 20 at 20.34.42

Emmanuel and Cross on the other hand rolled up their sleeves for Lane Four and showed up for this Ultimate game, their competitive run had the two of them scoring four black balls each, putting their total leading points at 320 each. Biggie quickly moved them into sudden death for their final showdown by decommissioning Lane Four, Cross and Emmanuel had to choose any lane besides their previous lane.

Emmanuel picked Lane Three with the Balloons and managed to put three balloons in the basket giving him an additional 150 points. Cross’s turn took a disappointing turn as he struggled to put balloons in his basket, however, he ended his run with 50 extra points.

1632169147 28 screenshot 2021 09 20 at 20.41.16

With a total of 470 points, the winner of the Ultimate Veto Power game was Emmanuel. He was hereby the ultimate Veto Power holder for week nine. This meant Emmanuel had Immunity from imminent Evictions. With his new power, Emmanuel chose, Liquorose as Head of House for the week and Cross as the Deputy Head of House.

The Head of House enjoyed regular benefits associated with the Head of House, that is the Luxury Lounge and also Immunity for the week whereas, the Deputy Head of House was also guaranteed a slot in the final week.

Day 59: Nini’s Secret Task

Biggie rocked the #BBNaija House with a disappearing act

Day 59: Nini's Secret Task – BBNaija

Oh boy, we know Biggie always has something up his sleeve! This week, he decided to shake things up a little for the SaNi Ship and the rest of the #BBNaija House.

Similar to the House prank Big Brother played in week eight on the geng, one of the Housemates became the main character of the Shine Ya Eye theme of the Season. Saga had to carry out his Task of ignoring her and he dismally failed!

During Nini’s Diary Session, Biggie requested Nini to be instrumental in a prank that will possibly be one of the biggest House tremors of the Season.

Big Brother tasked Nini to take on the prank of disappearing from the house for 24 hours starting from about midnight. Nini was guided to the secret door by the Games lounge, and she waited there until the House was asleep.

Nini was be led to a room where she spent the next 24 hours. While in the white room, she had access to the happenings in the house via a TV monitor.

The prank:

The rest of the house woke up in the morning to find Nini missing with no idea where she had gone. Of course, the Housemates called on Big Brother and they received no answer. When Nini returned after 24 hours. She was expected to act as though she has been in the House all the while.

Day 59: Non-Stop Fun with Munch It

It was all fun for the Munch It Task.

Day 59: Non-Stop Fun with Munch It – BBNaija

The task was courtesy of Munch It and it featured some fun and exciting games for the entire Shine Ya Eye House. As usual, the Housemates were divided into teams through a lucky draw.

Team Sweet Surprise – Pere, Whitemoney and Saga

Team Cream & Onion – Cross and Queen

Team Cheesy Stix – Nini and Liquorose

Team Classic Delight – Angel and Emmanuel

After forming their teams, Housemates gathered in the main lounge to watch a video and listen to the Munch It jingle before playing a game of “Ayo”.

Game time

To play this game of Ayo, each team nominated one player to represent their team. Team Sweet Surprise played Team Cream & Onion, while Team Cheesy Stix faced Team Classic Delight. The game got a little challenging when the Housemates were constantly checking to see if they had followed the instructions and the rules.

They soon mastered the game and played it smoothly. Choosing a winner was difficult because the game ended in a tie and deciding whether to play to find the winner caused conflict. What should be done? Should they wait for Biggie to decide, or should they replay until a winner has been determined?

They eventually decided to continue playing after much back and forth. Saga and Nini won on behalf of their teams.

Munch It Jingle dance

The next game was creating a dance routine for the Munch It jingle. Each Team headed to separate sections of the House to practice their dance moves in the hopes of winning this round. One hour later, they were all called into the Arena to demonstrate what they had been practising. Almost immediately each team was called on stage to show their dance routine for the Munch It Task.

Name a song

For this Task Each team had 20 seconds to come up with a Davido song title that begins with the letter displayed for them on the screen. The team had three rounds to sing three of Davido’s songs and each correct song attracted five points. Team Cream & Onion went first, but unfortunately, they couldn’t come up with any song. The remaining three teams were able to come up with one each.

Throw balls

For this Task, Housemates took turns to throw as many balls as possible into any of the big Munch It bowls within 2 minutes. Team Cheesy Stix, unfortunately, couldn’t get any ball in and as a penalty, Biggie made them eat three sachets of Munch It. Team Classic Delight did quite well followed by Team Sweet Surprise.


In this hurdle, each team played a game of charades with a twist. What they had to guess were the names of other Housemates. All the teams did quite well in this round as it wasn’t difficult figuring out each other.

Penalty shots

For the final hurdle, the Housemates had to score as many goals as possible wearing a blindfold. Each team nominated a representative for this game that was blindfolded by a member of the opposing team, then the other members of the playing team had to guide their representative to the marked spot in front of the small goal post.

At the sound of the buzzer, each team’s representative had two minutes to shoot as many balls as possible into the net. Each goal was worth five points. Team Sweet Surprise went first but they felt Liquorose was slow in handing them the ball and they weren’t given a fair advantage. Unfortunately for them, Biggie and other players thought they had an unfair advantage over Liquorose’s team too. In the end, Team Cream & Onion scored the most followed by Team Classic Delight.

Reward time

The Housemates were generously rewarded with sachets of Munch It immediately after the game ended. Team Classic Delight consisting of Angel and Emmanuel were declared winners and got N750,000 while Team Cream & Onion consisting of Cross and Queen won N500,000. Liquorose was named Non-Stop Entertainer and awarded N250,000.

Watch the nonstop fun Task here

Day 60: Saga’s quest for equal opportunity

Saga felt the task could have gone differently.

Day 60: Saga’s quest for equal opportunity – BBNaija

Saga felt his team weren’t given an equal opportunity during the Munch It Task and in letting his grievance known, he seemed to upset a few other Housemates – Liquorose in particular. His outburst at how slowly she handed the ball to Pere during the Munch It Task might have portrayed him as a villain. In light of this knowledge, he called for a meeting with all the Housemates in attendance.

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I am not the villain

Uncomfortable with being tagged a villain, Saga explained his stance for his outburst during the game. He apologized to Liquorose and insisted his team wasn’t given an equal chance and the game wasn’t fair. As examples, he cited Emmanuel and Cross, who both got better opportunities to play the game, unlike his team.

He explained it wasn’t Liquorose fault and said if they had the opportunity to pick someone to throw the balls to them, then whatever the outcome, it was on them but because the choice wasn’t made by them, they didn’t get an equal opportunity. He was of the opinion that his team’s result was largely affected by the fair opportunity they weren’t given. His stance didn’t entirely go down with other members of the House.

1632270417 56 screenshot 2021 09 21 at 23.42.48

You were actually shouting

It seemed to Liquorose that his way of expressing his displeasure was insensitive, especially because he was shouting continuously. She said it could have descended into a shouting match if she had matched his energy. Additionally, she explained that his team had an unfair advantage over hers, especially when it came to shooting the ball. In her opinion, he can’t honestly claim that her team had it better when his team had a better shot at throwing balls. A point also shared by Nini and Angel.

1632270133 56 screenshot 2021 09 21 at 23.54.29

Although there was a bit of an outburst during the meeting, the parties concerned soon eased up, each sticking to their respective positions. In the kitchen, it seemed like another argument was going to ensue, but Emmanuel pulled Saga to the side and asked him to put the issue to rest.

Day 60: Nini escapes to the Secret Room, chaos ensues

Nini carried out Biggie’s Task successfully, leaving Saga inconsolable.

Day 60: Nini escapes to the Secret Room, chaos ensues – BBNaija

Nini successfully left the #BBNaija House in the early hours of the morning without being detected by her fellow Housemates – and she was safely secured in the White Room, which she accessed through an emergency exit door in the Games Room; all this to fulfil a Secret Task Biggie handed her in Tuesday’s Diary Sessions. This was the first time she was alone in the House since she came in 59 days ago.

Kickstarting the mission

Saga had been ignoring Nini in the build-up to her escape as he stewed over an earlier disagreement during the Task. So when she left her fellow Housemates in the garden and went into the House like she would return, no eyebrows were raised.

Nini had a small bag packed and ready for her time in the Secret Room and she quickly made a beeline for the Games Room where she hid her bag under a pile of pillows. Within minutes of her arrival, the mirror swung open, revealing a secret door that led out of the House. She quickly picked up her bag and disappeared into it and closed the door behind her.

1632319319 56 niniescapes bbnaijas6

After sitting at the kitchen table by himself while eating supper, Saga seemed to snap out of it and went looking for Nini. He walked the lengths of the House calling her name and when he couldn’t find her, he enlisted the services of Whitemoney and Queen, who helped him search for a bit. After not receiving any joy, a tired Whitemoney and Queen called it a night, no doubt thinking Nini would emerge.

1632319477 56 sagasearchingnini bbnaijas6

Saga’s life flashes before his eyes

Saga cut a lonely figure as he peered into the Executive Lounge, knocking on the door and calling Nini’s name. He then went to the garden and reported the news to Pere and Angel. They quickly joined the search, with no luck. Pretty soon, Liquorose and Emmanuel woke up and joined the search too, but no one could find Nini.

Saga grew increasingly desperate and stood outside the Diary Room door, knocking like a man on a mission. “Big Brother please give us some clarity. Big Brother please! Open the door! What am I supposed to do with my life now?” he cried, while his fellow Housemates continued to speculate about Nini’s whereabouts.

Angel said Nini may have taken a Voluntary Exit like Kayvee. “She mentioned she needed time away and wasn’t coping with the noise,” Angel said, to Saga’s utter dismay – while Pere insisted it was all probably a prank.

Nini watched all of this from a television monitor in the White Room. Pretty soon, it was hard to keep her eyes open and she dozed off, while Saga paced about. Saga eventually grabbed his duvet and pillow and slept outside the Diary Room door, positioning himself to be the first to see Nini when and if she emerged from the Diary Room.

1632319585 56 sagasleepingdiaryroom bbnaijas6

Pretty soon everyone called it a night and woke up this morning to Nini still missing. As the geng discussed her whereabouts, Saga was alone in the Garden literally crying in the rain. Nini seemed to be enjoying her view as she slightly chuckled at the crying Saga, but there is no doubt that she feels bad for him.

1632305387 27 screenshot 2021 09 22 at 09.52.15

With 24 hours away from her fellow Housemates, it looked like Nini took a break from the day’s chores and the regular gisting that takes place in the House. She slept through the morning, during the time the Housemates typically work out, clean the house and shower. We foresee a full day of developing conspiracies, but we are curious to know what you would do if you were in Nini’s shoes and alone for 24 hours.

Day 60: The Travelbeta Task

The Travelbeta Task saw the Housemates take up challenges targeted at showing the brand as Nigeria’s premium travelling agency.

Day 60: The Travelbeta Task – BBNaija

The BBNaija geng had the assignment of pushing the Travelbeta brand in their Task for the day. Travelbeta is Nigeria’s online travel agency dedicated to making travel experience simple and fun. To carry out their Task, the Housemates were divided into three Teams via the lucky dip box.

The teams were; Team Visa which included Angel, Cross and Emmanuel. Liquorose and Whitemoney made up Team Vacation Packages. While Team Flights included Pere, Saga and Queen.

The Task was divided into three different activities with the first being an ‘I Call On’ challenge. For this challenge, three boards were provided and on each board there were eleven columns under each of the following words: COUNTRY. CAPITAL. LANGUAGE. CURRENCY. LANDMARK. FLIGHT COST.

Each team nominated a representative who stood in front of the board bearing their team names. Then at the sound of the buzzer, the HoH Liquorose proceeded to call out random “letters” apart from the following letters: D, H, L, N, O, Q, R, V, W, X, Y, Z.

When a letter was called, the representatives filled their boards using the markers provided.  For each letter, teams had 90 seconds to fill their board. Once a letter was called, the buzzer sound was used to indicate the start and the end of the 90 seconds allocated to that letter.

1632341608 56 screenshot 2021 09 22 at 19.42.39

Team members were allowed to support their team representatives with clues and hints, but only the representatives were allowed to write on the board.

For the second challenge in the Travelbeta Task, the Housemates were instructed to flip the board used in the first challenge. When flipped, they found the word ‘TRAVELBETA’ clearly spelt out on the board.

1632341725 56 screenshot 2021 09 22 at 19.56.50

A basket full of letters was provided for each team. All they were required to do was use the provided letters from the basket and place them under each alphabet of the word“TRAVELBETA” to reform a new word and the new word had to be the name of a country.

For the third part of their Task the Housemates did a drama presentation depicting the advantages of booking travel tickets via The drama lasted 5 minutes for each team.

1632342051 56 screenshot 2021 09 22 at 20.13.33

For partaking in the Travel Beta task, all the Housemates were winners and each team took home one million naira each.

Day 61: Nini is back in the House – BBNaija

…and she was mum about whereabout insisting she was in the House the whole time.

Day 61: Nini is back in the House – BBNaija

After pulling off the 3rd biggest prank of the Shine Ya Eye Season that left the Housemates confused and her close ‘friend’, Saga perplexed, Nini made her way back into the House in the wee hours of the morning and would have made it in undetected if it weren’t Pere. Pere, who had been drifting in and out of sleep, spotted her returning and immediately alerted Saga, who ran into the bedroom and found her in bed.

1632380158 56 screenshot 2021 09 23 at 08.35.22

Earlier, Nini had been asked by Biggie to pull a prank on the House by exiting for 24 hours and on successful completion, she returned to a relived Saga and puzzled Housemates who bombarded her with questions about her whereabouts.

This game choke
For the first time in 24 hours, Saga found his voice and laughed as he discussed with Pere about Nini’s return. Nini’s absence had been difficult for Saga. He broke down in tears earlier in the morning, wore a mournful look the rest of the day and even went as far as hiding pictures of Nini when Biggie asked the Housemates to pack her belongings into the storeroom.

1632371600 56 screenshot 2021 09 22 at 14.52.04

With her return, his cheerful side also made a comeback. He claimed he knew it was a prank all along and made a mockery of the conspiracy theories all the Housemates came up with especially the idea that Nini was a fake Housemate or that she cracked under the pressure saying she was a strong person, which Pere agreed to. Although Pere still insists that the Head of House Liquorose and Deputy Cross were in on it. He claimed they knew about the prank all the while and connived to make it happen.

Even though he appeared relieved, Saga claimed this prank was really painful and he might need the help of a psychologist to make sense of Nini’s absence. He cited that it reminded him of the time he lost his mother. He added that Nini not being here was his worst nightmare.

I’ve been here
When queried about her whereabouts by Saga, Nini said she had actually been here all along thinking he wasn’t talking to her because of the fight. Even when Queen came over to her bedside, her stance remained the same. She seemed rather upset that she was been questioned about her whereabouts.

1632380019 56 screenshot 2021 09 23 at 08.34.59

“Why are you people acting weird,” she asked Whitemoney and Emmanuel who had woken up and were also questioning her about where she was. She went about recounting everything they did while she wasn’t allegedly around including Whitemoney suggesting she was a fake Housemate.

Angel also stared at her in disbelief and asked where she was when Biggie called her to the Diary Room. She replied that she was in the toilet. Not buying her answer, Angel responded that she was glad that she was back from wherever she went.

Saga soon relocated from the lounge back to the bed next to Nini. He had more questions, but in the mean time, he was just glad his ‘friend’ was back.

1632380288 56 screenshot 2021 09 23 at 08.54.03

A shocked Cross let out a yell on sighting her later that morning and reached for a hug as he asked where she had been. He too didn’t buy her excuse but he was so relieved to see her back. During breakfast, Liquorose poked holes in Nini’s alibi as she and the rest of the House weren’t fully convinced she was in the House like she claimed.

Whitemoney explained that the reason he suggested she was a fake Housemate was that that was the only way he could find closure. Her absence really messed with his mind and the only way he could deal with it was to convince himself that she was fake.

Day 61: A Hawaii experience Task – BBNaija

The House received an interesting Task that had them ready to question just how well they really the Hawaii soap and each other Housemates.

Day 61: A Hawaii experience Task – BBNaija

It was all about experiencing Hawaii and through the Task designed for the Housemates, they took deserved trip to Hawaii in Big Brother’s House. To help do this, Housemates received customized Hawaii travelling boxes for this trip.

In each of the boxes, were travelling essentials to use during the Task including a passport. The Hawaii variant you found in each box represented the team each Housemate will be visiting Hawaii with. This means your team members for today will be the housemates with a similar Hawaii variant in their box. The team names are:

· Team Papaya (Emmanuel, Queen and Saga)

· Team Carrot (Liquorose, Whitemoney and Nini)

· Team Gold (Angel, Cross and Pere)

1632421661 28 screenshot 2021 09 23 at 18.53.57

For the first part of the Task, Housemates took on the Hawaii Trivia and the “Housemate once said” Challenge. If you can guess, well, they were more prepared for the Hawaii Trivia than the whose line is it anyway? In this Challenge, one ballot box and one sand bucket bearing questions were provided for each team.

The questions contained in the ballot box were centered around the team’s Hawaii variant, which is also the team’s name. In the sand buckets, were questions meant to test each team’s knowledge on how well they know their fellow Housemates.

Each question from the sand bucket contained a statement made by one of them – each team was simply required to do is guess the Housemate who made the statement when the question is readout.

After spending a long time together in the House, it seems the Shine Ya Eye geng was more prepared for the Hawaii Trivia than a game of “Housemate once said” Challenge.? We don’t blame them though, however, the most hilarious was when the people whose written quotes were read to them, couldn’t remember what they had said which gave us a lighthearted chuckle.

From the sensational “You can disrespect me but the Emblem on my neck represents authority” which the Housemates were quick to decipher as a Pere quote to the charming quotable “I do not like to play with my emotions because when I love, I love deeply” which Angel thought sounded more like a Boma quote.

However, the iconic quote from this Challenge was Queen’s quotable statement during one of the heated fights and the Housemates couldn’t help but scream her name the moment Saga read  “Who do you think you are, this is not your House, this is Biggie’s House!

The Arena Vacation

1632421826 28 screenshot 2021 09 23 at 19.40.13

In the Arena, Housemates were given Four activities for the Hawaii Task. For this part of the first activity, each team had to solve a jigsaw puzzle in five minutes. The team that solved their puzzle in the fastest time would win this round with 20 points. While the second and third teams to finish their puzzle earned 15 and 10 points respectively.

While other teams tried to get all hands on deck with the puzzle pieces some Housemates cleverly tasked one Housemate to hold out the image and ensure that they put the pieces together. However, Team Papaya with Saga, Emmanuel and Queen were the first ones to complete the puzzle and Team Carrot finished second while Team Gold laboured a few more minutes behind and finished last.

1632421936 28 screenshot 2021 09 23 at 19.45.45

The Dunk and Dive

1632422827 28 screenshot 2021 09 23 at 20.03.46

For this game, teams had to dunk their opposing teams into the Hawaii Dunk tank. This meant, when it’s their team’s turn to play, Housemates must select an opposing team, and the members of that team take turns to sit on the Hawaii dunk seat. At the sound of the buzzer, the playing team used 10 balls that were provided to hit the “Splash ME” target in front of them.

By hitting the target the Dunk Tank would release the trigger which enables the other team’s member on the dunk seat to fall into the water to score 2 points for each time this happens. This Task took us to the Theme park and back and we loved every moment of excitement.

1632422852 28 screenshot 2021 09 23 at 20.11.04

The Selfie Machine

1632422888 28 screenshot 2021 09 23 at 20.21.32

Is it really a vacation if there’s no picture to back it up? Well, Hawaii took this up a notch and ensured that the Housemate’s vacation received the same immortalisation by creating a photo moment for them to memorialise their trip – after all, what’s a vacation without pictures?

One team after another, Housemates were given two minutes to take as many pictures as they would like using the provided Hawaii selfie machine. The futuristic photo machine had the Housemates wondering how they operate it but once they knew how to do so the Housemate worked every angle they could serve and we ate it all up. We are here for the poses.

1632422951 28 screenshot 2021 09 23 at 20.22.51

To conclude the Task, Biggie announced Team Papaya as the Winner of the Hawaii Task and they walk away with 1 Million Naira, In second place is Team Carrot and they walk away with 750 000 Naira while Team Gold walks away with 500 000 Naira. Congratulations to all the Housemates for their winning streak.

Day 62: A surprise feast for the Housemates – BBNaija

After a stressful week, Biggie surprised the Housemates with a delicious buffet.

Day 62: A surprise feast for the Housemates – BBNaija

On a beautiful, rainy Friday mid-morning, the #BBNainja Housemates received a delicious surprise treat from Big Brother. As a matter of fact, if we say “treat” we are downplaying it. Biggie threw a feast for the Housemates and it blew them away! It was a nice gesture from Biggie for the stressful week the Housemates have had including the Nini disappearance saga.

They sat on the laid out table like one big family, chewing away at the tantalising components that made up their buffet-style gift. Plantains, beans, corn, pork, rice, juice, pepper soup, ice cream, spaghetti and sauce were among some of the delicacies that made up the buffet.

1632484970 28 screenshot 2021 09 24 at 11.17.40

They were wondering what they have done to deserve this gift and one speculation from Queen was that it was a reward for Nini’s prank. The excitement in the Garden was so contagious, it made one want to grab a plate, dish up and eat too. Their buffet was made more romantic by the rainstorm. Whitemoney who has been mostly cooking for the geng, looked at the ensemble before them as if he was star struck.

1632485002 27 screenshot 2021 09 24 at 11.18.25

They dished up. “I’m so emotional, food makes me emotional sometimes,” said Saga. It turns out that Nini’s disappearance is not the only thing capable of turning his smile upside down. “Thank you Big Brother! I hope God blesses you and your Big family-o! Big father, Big sister, Big uncles, Big aunties!” Saga continued, followed by his fellow Housemates humorously counting Biggie’s supposed family members.

The food had the geng singing in celebration on the table and we learned a few new things about their eating habits. We now know that Pere loves pork. Nini had three plantains and she was full! Judging from her plate, she had dished up with her eyes and not her stomach. She was heard requesting to Big brother that she keeps her food for later.

She shouted out her love to Big Brother and his grand gesture, which she called a blessing. Liquorose accidentally ate pork, which she turned out to be allergic to. She had to quickly spit it out, clean her mouth to avoid getting any reaction before retreating into the House after Big Brother called her to the Diary Room.

1632484922 27 screenshot 2021 09 24 at 11.17.48

Cross was quiet throughout the meal carefully making sure he enjoyed every bit of this moment. One of his main issues in the House has been the quality of the meals and the lack of “nice” food such as burgers and pizza, which are supposedly good for his health. He was very happy and full of gratitude.

Nini was very bouncy and later revealed that juice made her hyperactive. In prompt response, Saga handed her a bottle of water with hopes of neutralising her energy levels. Once the music started playing, there was no stopping her!

Cross and Pere started bidding money at her as if they were in a gentlemen’s club. While this happened, Saga remained focused on his plate. Nini was later joined by Queen and Saga who were done eating.

1632484838 28 screenshot 2021 09 24 at 11.55.59

It was a party, geng! Based on the highlight of this morning, food makes people happy but also tired and sleepy when they have too much in one go. In the end, the rain was gone and the sun was shining brightly. They had a toast to one another and to Big Brother, where Pere invited everyone to the United States of America.

“No cap,” he said promising that it would happen. You guys have made this competition the best competition I have ever been in in my life,” said Cross. “Africa to the World! Big ups to all the Housemates that have left!” shouted Pere, then proceeding to list the names of those Housemates.

They can’t wait to be reunited with them. “Big up DStv, Mnet, Abeg, Patricia!” he continued. The thanksgiving kept pouring out for the five-star treatment they received.

1632485623 27 during the party 1

They were relieved to see a happy and healthy Liquorose returning looking cleaned up and well. After this, it was nap time for them, especially for SaNi chatting away under the bedcover and Angel who had been longing for one.

Day 62: Queen unlocks financial freedom – BBNaija

Queen wins her first BBNaija Friday Night Task.

Day 62: Queen unlocks financial freedom – BBNaija

After racing against time in a “Journey to Financial Freedom”, Queen emerged as the winner of the Friday Night Task and smiled to the bank with One Million Naira. This Task was courtesy of PiggyVest.

1632514230 56 screenshot 2021 09 24 at 21.46.33

After spending time going through the PiggyVest pamphlet, the Housemates were invited into the Arena where they hopped over obstacles as they journeyed to the finish point tounlock their financial freedom.

To begin the game and unlock the 100,000 Naira starting bonus in their portfolios, each Housemate had to roll a six.

1632514340 56 screenshot 2021 09 24 at 20.29.57

Head of House, Liquorose was the first to go and it took her quite a few tries before she eventually got a ‘six’. After evading a few obstacles on the track, she was able to reach the finish point in five minutes, three seconds. Sadly, as a result of using a number she did not spin, she was disqualified.

1632514298 56 screenshot 2021 09 24 at 20.44.08

Pere seemed to be having a good run, stacking more cash as he journeyed until he landed on a box that indicated he lost half of his winnings. On the bright side, he was able to reach the finish point in three minutes, 29 seconds.

Whitemoney was next and he seemed to be doing a solid job of evading obstacles on the track until he also landed on the box that cost him half of his winnings. Lucky for him, he had no winnings to lose and he eventually made it to the finish point in six minutes, six seconds.

Saga had a hard time getting into the game, but when he did, he kept landing on boxes that increased his winnings… except for one that required him to pay a tax of 50 thousand. The course took him five minutes, 18 seconds to complete.

Angel started off slowly but maintained a positive attitude throughout. Even though the wheel didn’t give her the number she wanted, she enjoyed every moment of it. The forces that be seemed to favour her because not too long after they ushered her to boxes that boosted her earnings.

It was a nice ride until the forces fell asleep at the wheel and landed her on the box that cost her 50k in taxes. They soon made up for it by landing her on a box with 25%interest on earnings. It took her seven minutes, 53 seconds to reach the final point. Cross had a great run and made it to the finish point in six minutes, 37 seconds.

1632514267 56 screenshot 2021 09 24 at 21.12.34

Queen also had a positive vibe about her and completed the course in three minutes, 25 seconds. She was super excited, especially because this was the fastest run so far. Nini finished in four minutes, four seconds, while Emmanuel finished in four minutes, 25 seconds.

Congratulations Queen! That was a Friday Night Task victory worth the wait.

Day 63: The ‘Chop Beta Life’ Task

The Lipton Task was filled with challenges and ended in a soiree the Housemates will not forget in a hurry.

Day 63: The 'Chop Beta Life' Task – BBNaija

Today’s Task in the BBNaija was sponsored by Lipton Ice Tea. The Task was aimed at encouraging the Housemates to “Chop Beta Life”. That also happened to be the theme of the Task. The Task was split into two parts. For the first part, The Housemates were required to work in teams.

However, the points scored in each team will be shared equally amongst the members of the team and will be added to each person’s total accumulated points at the end of the Task. The Housemates created their teams for the first Task with the lucky dip box provided for them.

The first task was for each Team to reconnect the Peace Day Puzzle pieces. The fastest team to reconnect their puzzle pieces earned 30 points, while the second and third teams earned 21 and 15 points respectively. Team 2 which included Saga, Nini and Cross were the first to finish their puzzle and won themselves 30 points.

1632585418 56 j

The next stage of the Task was the Lipton Ice Tea Peace Speech. For this part, the Housemates were required to work in their individual capacity and write a 2-minute speech on what peace meant to them. They had to mention the loved ones they miss and looked forward to reconnecting with. They also had to sign off their speech by saying “Peace Out” and doing the peace sign

1632585579 56 w4

At the end of this section, the Housemates had a mini jam session as a band played for the Housemates to dance their hearts out. Tunes from their ethnic background rent the air as they happily move their feet. At the end of the Task and mini soiree,

1632585845 56 aaa

Biggie announced the winners of the Task and they were as follows;

3rd position Whitemoney – N1 million Naira

2nd Position Angel – N1.5 million

1st position Saga – N2.5 million

Biggie also announced that the 3 winners were going to be brand influencers for Lipton Iced Tea for a year.

Day 63: Housemates party in neon – BBNaija

The Housemates enjoyed another #BBNaija Saturday Night turn-up in style.

Day 63: Housemates party in neon – BBNaija

The Saturday Night Party started off with mild vibes but with the right amount of bevvies in the Housemate’s systems, the geng was bouncing around to DJ Swizz and DJ Jamsmyth’s tunes in no time.

After a fun photoshoot in the Tecno Booth, the Shine Ya Eye geng made their way to the Party Arena to have their weekly dose of that club life. They were looking stunning in their Mima Xclusive neon and black outfits which allowed them to freely express themselves in dance.

1632610700 28 screenshot 2021 09 25 at 23.13.04

The Party Arena looked significantly empty tonight as the Top 9 danced away in what might be the last party in the #BBNaija House for some of this week’s Nominated bunch.

As expected, Queen and Liquorose were in full dance mode when they entered the dancefloor. Liquorose enjoyed a session of solo dance but it looked more like each Housemate spent time dancing alone. Emmanuel seemed to be hovering about in the Party Arena until the Guinness and Liquorose showed him the way to the dancefloor.  She was energised geng! Music is without a doubt a power plug for the girl!

1632609507 28 screenshot 2021 09 25 at 23.52.35

Saga and Nini were doing some kind of dance routine. Nini was in the mood, she had practically opened the dancefloor. As the night proceeded, they were back to their regular party dance style – Saga holding her firmly from behind. Nini eventually left Saga to dance alone next to Cross. We spotted Nini grinding on Cross; probably one of Saga’s biggest fears. ?

Cross brought the energy he had when was having his personal pre-party back in the House. The man loves his music. One could tell based on the way the beats seemed to be affecting him. At some point, he was on all fours but he wasn’t twerking. In another corner, Queen was the time of her life. She had been dancing with Whitemoney and then switched over to Cross resembling DJ’s musical rotation.

1632610121 28 screenshot 2021 09 25 at 23.48.26

At some point, Pere and Cross were embracing one another, we can firmly say that this bromance is sealed. ? Pere spent time alone in various corners of the Party Arena. It’s expected especially after his tearful Diary Session yesterday where he sent out love to his girlfriend outside the #BBNaija House. Either way, it doesn’t seem like there is anyone left in the House to mingle up with the General.

Angel was not in the mood when the party started after her brief gbas gbos with Liquorose and Pere. We saw Cross trying to cheer her up as the party started but it didn’t seem to work because we didn’t see her grooving as her usual self by the mirrors. She eventually popped up dancing but lacking her usual energy. She was bopping with one hand in her pocket and another holding her cup. With the combination of good music and Guinness, she was back into her party mode twerking and holding on to Cross then busting a few routines with Queen. ?

Watch how Angel’s beef with Pere started: 

Halfway through the party, Whitemoney was shaking in the middle of the dance floor – a move we now know is the sign that the Guinness don enter body! Teni’s song “For You” had him and Queen slow dancing and we saw her sneaking a peck from him while she held on to him. The moment was short-lived as she returned to dance solo once the song changed. ?

It was a vibe at the Saturday Night Party, it makes us sad to remember that the Season is coming to an end.

Live Show 11 – 26 Sep: Queen, Saga and Nini say their goodbyes

Tonight, the Live Show stage closed the last Eviction of the season with a triple exit.

Live Show 11 – 26 Sep: Queen, Saga and Nini say their goodbyes

With the Finale fast approaching, it is only expected many will be Evicted in order to get the required number of finalists. Keep reading to find out who survived this week’s torturing Eviction and who made it to the Top 5. But first, we’ll look at how the Live Eviction show played out tonight.

First, a twist!

Is it even Big Brother Naija if there’s no twist? Ebuka started off the show with an Eviction as he announced Pere’s exit from the Shine Ya Eye House. It was an exit from the main House but not from the show – well, with the Shine Ya House game, you never can predict what Biggie is up to.

Let’s chat with the House

Picking Liquorose as Head of House was not a surprise, but Ebuka wanted to know why Emmanuel picked Cross as the House Deputy. Emmanuel replied saying he felt Cross deserved the spot because he put in so much effort into the Ultimate Veto Power Challenge.

When asked about sleeping in the HoH room with Liquorose, Cross told Ebuka that it was an honour for him to be sharing the room with her since her man gave him an automatic spot in the Finale. He also said he showed his appreciation by always making sure the room and bathroom remained clean for her always. The rest of the House echoed a long “aww” as they thought it was a cute gesture from him and Liquorose said she thought he did all those things for her because they’re friends.

Queen’s Eviction

The first official Eviction of the night was Queen’s, making her the seventeenth Housemate to be Evicted from the game and her exit announcement was met with warm hugs from the rest of the House.

Beautifully repping her culture with her traditional outfit, she joined Ebuka on stage where she revealed that her Eviction came as a big shock to her, and she doesn’t know what happened.

When asked about her relationship with Whitemoney, she told Ebuka that he pampered her and cared for her in the House, and although she’s not sure what will happen outside the House, she’s open to anything with him. What’s next for Queen? – Governance, her charity organisation, her business and if entertainment comes her way, she’ll grab it.

We wish the style icon the best in her future endeavours and we’re rooting for her all the way.

Nini is the eighteenth Housemate to be Evicted

Unfortunately, Nini won’t be reaching the Finale. Nini had a good run in the Shine Ya Eye game and for pulling the biggest prank of the season, we definitely loved her presence in the House. Tonight, her exit was met with a very shocked Saga who clearly didn’t take the Eviction announcement well.

She told Ebuka that she was feeling excited to reunite with her family and also get her phone back. “He was a friend that helped me cope with being away from my family, I only liked him as a friend and nothing there’s nothing more to it,” she said when asked about her relationship with Saga. If you were wondering where Saga stands beside her boyfriend, she answered the question tonight, saying there’s no comparison, because she’s in a relationship and that’s it. Ebuka went on to ask if she thought she was leading Saga on in any way and she replied that every time Saga expressed his feelings to her, she always told him about her relationship outside the House, which he didn’t want to hear, so she left it that way.

What’s next for Nini? She’ll be focusing on her fashion brand and her other businesses. We can’t wait to see her soar and we wish her the very best.

Saga is the last Evicted Housemate tonight

Right after Nini’s Eviction, Saga became the nineteenth Housemate to be Evicted from the House in tonight’s Eviction show.

Speaking to Ebuka on the stage, Saga said he didn’t feel happy about not making it to the end but was happy to be out to see Nini because spending the final week in the House without her would have been boring for him. Revealing more on their relationship, he revealed that they have a very close bond, they can read each other’s minds and although he would want to explore a relationship with her outside the House, he respects her relationship with her boyfriend and for this reason, he’s open to exploring a friendship with her.

Being the Housemate with the most Strikes in the House, he said the first offence wasn’t planned and after receiving the second one, he became very careful.

What’s next for Saga? Owning a fitness app, building his own fitness gym, having an art exhibition, modelling, acting and everything the creative world has to offer. Wishing our resident fitness trainer the best in this journey.

The Finale is here! Only YOU can determine the winner of the Shine Ya Eye season, so be sure to start Voting immediately the Voting lines are open.

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