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Onyii, Bolaji & Ozzy Etomi join Dodos Uvieghara to discuss Friendships in the Season Finale of “To All The Girls”

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The first season of Dodos Uvhieghara‘s web series “To All The Girls” comes to an end with the fourth episode.

Onyii, Bolaji and Ozzy Etomi join Dodos Uvieghara in this honest, unscripted, real life conversation about friendship. The ladies share their first memories of friendship, their thoughts on group friendships, female friendships and other common topics surrounding friendships.

The aim of the web series, according to Dodos, “is to express ourselves by sharing our individual experiences navigating life – expectations, disappointments, cultural biases and issues we all discuss in private group chats with our girlfriends.”

Watch the final episode below:

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