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Enjoy The Magic of Lulu & Tumi’s Intimate Outdoor Wedding



Outdoor weddings are so dreamy. That relaxing ambience under a perfectly bright and sunny day just has that magical effect that we can’t help but love. Today, we get to enjoy the magic of outdoor weddings, with Lulu ad Tumi’s beautiful white wedding ceremony at Froyle Park, Alton.

The love birds said “I do” to the excitement of the family and few friends present. The serenity of it all was a joy to behold. The joy and love in the air was so evident, you can almost touch it! Lulu was an absolutely stunning bride and  Tutu was not caught slacking at all. The wedding party also came correct and we’re totally in love. The #Adeba21 wedding will absolutely make your day as it has ours. If you missed it, you should catch up on their pre-wedding shoot and love story.

Enjoy the video below.

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Videography: @wrgoimagery

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