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Explore these Exciting Ways to Unwind and Relax this Weekend



We all love weekends but somehow, the weekend always seems to fly by quickly. Even with how fast we think it goes, there is plenty of time for fun, relaxation and most importantly, recharging your batteries for the new week. Great weekends are often the best way to ensure you have a productive week.  You want weekends that leave you refreshed, not exhausted or disappointed, so you can hit Monday, ready to go!


These tips should help with making the most of your weekends:

Don’t Clog Your Weekends With Chores

Unlike the typical idea that weekends are for chores, you do not want to use your entire time to catch up on them.  Consider doing your chores during the week, as you can spread your chores all through the 5 days of the week, leaving your weekends free for more rejuvenating activities.

Hang Out With Friends

After a long busy week, you should make time to catch up with friends to keep your friendship going. Consider a Saturday night dinner or a Sunday afternoon brunch. This will help you relax while also catching up on missed conversations.

Allot Some ‘You’ Time

The week was probably filled with all sorts of activities, which though fulfilling, can also be tiring. Being constantly surrounded by people and activities can take a toll on you and the weekend is a great time to have some ‘You’ time. Try booking a spa session to help you relax and ease out all the tension from dealing with people all week, read a book, listen to some music, or just chill out on your own and take in all your thoughts, this can help boost your creativity and thought process for the coming week.


Catch Up On Some Movies on TV

DStv and GOtv have amazing movies lined up for the weekend and watching TV is a good form of relaxation. Here are some movie ideas for this weekend.  Watch Judy’, which sees Rowan Atkinson reprises his role as the ditzy but oddly effective Agent Johnny English, who gears up to save Britain from a cyber-attacker in this instalment of the ridiculous spy-comedy. This will air on Sunday, November 7 at 6:30 pm on M-Net Movies 1 (DStv channel 105). Or go for a riveting film based on true events, ‘Mine 9’. Two miles into the earth, nine Appalachian miners struggle to survive after a methane explosion leaves them with one hour of oxygen. This will air on Saturday, November 6 at 10:15 pm on M-Net Movies 4 (DStv channel 108 & GOtv channel 3).


Stay Home And Get Sporty

Watch live sporting action with your pals and enjoy a fun and relaxing time at home. Luckily, DStv and GOtv have got one of the best football leagues showing this week into the weekend. The early matches on Thursday, November 4 feature Scottish champions ‘Rangers’ heading to Denmark to face ‘Brondby’ in a key Group A clash at 6:45 pm on SuperSport Variety 3 (DStv channel 208) and SuperSport Select 1 (GOtv channel 33). Also, DStv customers can look forward to seeing the ‘Ultimate Fighting Championship’ (UFC) action as UFC 268 takes centre stage at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Sunday, 7 November at 3 am on SuperSport Grandstand, SuperSport Action, SuperSport Variety 3 (DStv channel 201, 210 & 208). This titanic event will feature a double bill of title rematches, as Nigerian-American Kamaru Usman faces Colby Covington.

Bond With The Kids

Working all week with little or no time to bond with your kids can be annoying. Weekends can be the perfect time to bond with them. You can enjoy some family moments with your kids by watching some of their favourite shows on DStv and GOtv. Watch ‘Side Hustle’ on Nickelodeon (DStv channel 305 & GOtv channel 62) at 5:30 pm on Friday, November 5, Power Rangers: Dino Fury’ on Cartoon Network (DStv channel 301 & GOtv channel 67) at 6:40 pm on Saturday, 6 November and ‘Upside-down Magic’ on Disney Channel (DStv channel 303) at 2:45 pm on Sunday, November 7.

Here is some other content you can watch on DStv and GOtv to keep you relaxed and entertained during the weekend. Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) “The Age of Craftsmanship” airs on Saturdays & Sundays at 8 pm on AM Showcase (DStv Channel 151), AM Urban (DStv Channel 153) and AM Family (DStv Channel 154 & GOtv Channel 2). ‘The Rush’, a high energy, adrenaline intense reality TV show airs daily from 7 pm on Pop Central (DStv Channel 189).

To stay connected or to upgrade your subscription to get access to some or all of these amazing content, visit or  or download the MyDStv or MyGOtv apps for other self-service options and for the Auto-Renewal option to stay connected to quality entertainment without interruptions.


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