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A.B.P: Ye Single Pringles! Here are 3 Things You Can Do This Valentine’s Day



So it’s that time of the year again and you can already feel the oppression. Sister Caro is already getting gifts from her boo. Brother John is already disturbing you with all the calls. Everyone is posting about the love of their lives, and their together-forever.

And then there is you: poor, single, you. No boo. No bae. No crush. Just your phone, vibes, and inshallah. Oh, and oppression. Let’s not forget the oppression.

Well, you can choose to mope around and get oppressed, or you can choose to do something else with your day. Because I’m nice, I’ve listed 3 things you can do today:

Get Busy

Find yourself feeling oppressed by everyone else’s posts about how they are having such a wonderful time with their significant other while you are sitting at home with nothing to do? Well, that’s the problem: you have nothing to do. Fix that and you’d be too busy to even notice the comments.

Not sure what to do? Here are a few options to consider:

  1. Read a book. You can never go wrong with this option.
  2. Catch up on your hobbies.
  3. Binge-watch anime and series! Who cares about how much fun others are having when you can breeze through the whole of Kimetsu no Yaiba or The Witcher.
  4. Read your holy book. Even if you don’t have anyone who loves you romantically, there’s still the one being that loves you unconditionally. Spend some time with Him.

Spend Some Time with Friends and Family

There is more to love than just romance. If you don’t have anywho you are romantically in love with, who says you can’t celebrate the day of love with your non-romantic loved ones? You’ve got parents, siblings, and friends, all of whom would love to spend some time with you.

It doesn’t have to be anything grand; a little get-together could do the trick. They might not be your significant other, but if they are dear to you, simply spending time with them would be a highlight of your day.

Spend Time With Other Single Pringles

Now here’s an unpopular opinion, but you might be surprised just how effective it is: hang out with other single pringles like you. And don’t pretend you are the only one on the planet – you know them, you have them as friends. Hell, that your crush is probably as single as you are, and (s)he is probably searching too! So why should you all be moping around and feeling bad when you all can hang out and maybe even have fun?

And who knows? Maybe from such a gathering you might just find that special person you’d be booed up with next year’s val.


Featured image: Dreamstime

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