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Forget Eating Out: This Homemade Pizza with Tortilla Wrap Recipe by Diary Of A Kitchen Lover is Incredible!



This homemade pizza with tortilla wrap recipe by Chef Tolani of ‘Diary Of A Kitchen Lover‘ is perfect and simple enough to make on a weekday and yummy enough to stop you from being lazy and eating out.

Tortilla wraps 6pcs
Seasoning powder. 1tsp
Paprika Powder 1tsp
Parsley flakes 1tsp
Cayenne Pepper 1tsp
Melted butter 2tsp
Mozzarella cheese
Pizza Sauce. 1/2 can
Smoked Turkey. 9pcs
Ginger powder. 1tspn
Crushed Garlic. 1tspn
Sweet Chilli. 2tsp
Chicken breast. 3


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  1. Adelani Rokeebat

    February 20, 2022 at 11:23 pm

    Hmmm a delicious dinner

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