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Get More Convenience & Usage with the New Hypo Bleach 200ml Pack

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Coming from the need point of using less to achieve more, Hypo Homecare products has introduced a new bleach sachet in 200ml size which easily delivers on the promise of covering more usage occasions.

Hypo Bleach living up to its position of being one of the top whitening and hygiene promoting brands in Nigeria just unveiled to the public the new SKU which is also referred to as “convenience pack”. It is another functional innovation that has come to address the yearnings of a crucial segment of the market.

Popular for its shrewd marketing dominance, it will be recalled that in 2011, Hypo Homecare products was the first to introduce Bleach in 75ml sachet to the Nigerian market amongst other sizes, decentralizing the idea of bleach only being available to a class of the society while making whitening and hygiene maintenance practice affordable for all.

Elaborating on the rationale behind the introduction of the new size, Akintayo Akinseloyin, the Brand Manager said, “in our customer research, we found that there was a huge gap between 75ml and 500ml SKUs. As most of the consumers buy and use between two to three of 75ml sachets on a single occasion, which is where the newly introduced 200ml shall key inconveniently and perfectly serving for those consumers”.

It also enables the opportunity of serving multiple occasions using just a single pack. in other words, with the new 200 ml bigger pack, consumers can now disinfect, whiten, and clean surfaces at the convenience of one pack.
This also comes in handy for those who may not want to go for the bottle options at the same time have a volume of whitening and disinfection to do around the house.

“It is our constant endeavor to offer our customers a hassle free and delightful hygiene practice experience. When you closely study the purchase psychology of consumers, it will be understood that customers today are more drawn towards purchasing a single product that will serve for multiple uses yet conveniently meeting their pocket size” He said.

Akintayo concluded saying “At Hypo Homecare Products, we are constantly looking for ways to expand the breadth and depth of our industry-leading bleach portfolio to meet the needs of consumers while equipping them with the tools they need to safeguard their environments”.

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