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Insecurity in Nigeria: Here’s What You Can Do as a Citizen

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Insecurity in Nigeria has remained, despite promise from several administrations to secure the country and sadly, it has almost become normalised. If it’s not news of Boko Haram killing, maiming and kidnapping people and setting their communities on fire, it’s that of the infamous “unknown gunmen” wrecking havoc – killing people and destroying property, or that of bandits blocking roads, and going on a killing and kidnapping spree. It’s exhausting.

In an unfortunate turn of events, people travelling on the Abuja-Kaduna train were attacked by terrorists on Monday. Two days prior, the Kaduna airport was attacked.

It is unfortunate that these attacks are recurring and our heart goes out to everyone involved. But our spirits are not broken and more than ever before, we are encouraged to come together and fight for the betterment of the nation.

An explosion on the rails caused the 1,000-capacity destined for Kaduna, with hundreds on board, to derail between Rijana and Katari in Kaduna’s rail corridor. In an attempt to board the train, the armed terrorists used the wrecked engines as cover and opened fire on the passengers, many of whom were crouching on the floor to escape the bullets.

The news of the tragedy spread quickly on social media, with multiple witnesses and victims posting their accounts of what happened. The dental surgeon, Chinelo Nwando Megafu, sent a panic message on Twitter, saying, “I’m in the train. I have been shot please pray for me.”

By the next morning, it was confirmed that she had died. Heartbreaking! While many people were moved by Chinelo’s final tweet, there were also some tone-deaf comments from others who thought her message was fake news.

Bashir Ahmad, the Personal Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari wrote on Twitter:

Earlier during his meeting with Service Chiefs over the unfortunate attack on Kaduna-Abuja train, President @MBuhari directed the immediate conclusion of all the processes for the implementation of the integrated security surveillance and monitoring solution for the railway line.

The President has strongly condemned the bombing of the passenger train and also directed the Nigerian Railway Corporation management to speedily repair the damaged lines and resume normal service without delay.

Additionally, the President charged the law enforcement chiefs to bring back all passengers kidnapped and ensure that each of the callous terrorists are hunted down and made to face justice for their heinous acts as no one or group should be allowed to make the country prostrate.

We are extending our thoughts and prayers to the everyone involved and their families.

What can you, as a citizen do?

More Urgently, Donate

There have been reports of the need for blood donation in Kaduna have said blood is needed in Kaduna.

Keep Talking

Lend your voice. Don’t get wary of demanding for better. This is the time to call on our leaders to pay better attention to the security of lives and property in Nigeria.


… anything suspicious in your communities to authorities. It doesn’t have to concern you. Let’s look out for each other.

Be an active citizen

Get your PVCs and vote during elections. Your vote counts. Know your leaders at all levels & hold them accountable for their promises.

We understand how distressing this issue is for many of us and how it affects our mental health. Many of us are feeling a great deal of fear and anxiety. You may find this conversation with Hauwa Ojeifo, Mental Health advocacy champion and Founder of She Writes Woman, on the topic “How Insecurity is Raising Yet Another Traumatized Generation,” useful.

Together, we can, and we will make Nigeria better.