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‘Nothing Intimidates Me’ says Ochuko Ohobore, the 24-Year Old behind Keluky Stores

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Crate lifting is something you would typically associate with buff, young men, but for twenty-four-year-old Ochuko Ohobore, being young means she can lift crates too. Her determined stance in a male-dominated field is rare because of the heavy lifting involved, but she maintains she will do it if required to succeed in her business.

Ochuko is the owner of Keluky stores, a business she started two years ago armed with just a secondary school leaving certificate. Her decision to stop school was borne out of sacrifice, so her younger siblings could further their education.

She believes not having completed her education does not impede her success. 

I started my business at twenty-two, and it has been amazing. I experienced difficulties raising startup capital. Hence, I had to develop a good reputation to get suppliers to extend lines of credit to me. That helped this business grow.”

Ochuko grew up watching her mother run a provision store and was inspired by her and other women in her life who do business. “Even though I now sell drinks, I got my business sense from my mother,” she says. 

We asked Ochuko what keeps her so resolved to succeed in business; she responded, 

In my work, nothing intimidates me. I’d like to inspire women to put fear behind them. Do what you think is right at the right time, and you’d do great.”


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