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New Music: TyStringz feat. L.A.X – Shy

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Fast-rising musician, TyStringz sets the tone for his proposed first body of work, an untitled EP with the release of another beautiful piece entitled, “Shy.” He features Afrobeats artiste, L.A.X on the Marphy Jay produced song.

He deconstructs his creative process, and “Shy” redirects flowing positivity into empowerment allowing my listener to feel confident and blossom upon hearing such an inspirational song. The writing process was instantaneous. On my first listen, I could feel the energy along with emotion which helped me create the lyrics and melody which helped to give a direction to the song.

Speaking about working with L.A.X, he disclosed “My collaborator, L.A.X shared the same energy as mine. On hearing the song, he could automatically connect to it. It was pretty smooth for him to write his part to such beautiful music and with a great message.”

TyStringz while giving more insights, acknowledges his growth and how his music continues to evolve. He said, “My music is evolving as I am getting more confident, free-minded, creating and writing more freely. It is getting better, expressive and intentionally and I believe it can only get better from here.”

“In my new song, sincerity bleeds through my songwriting. My new Afrobeats single centres around empowering women to realize what beautiful creatures they are. With percussion being paramount, the beat allows me to become loose and free. You could call it a sunny infusion of tropical fun mixing with lush instrumentals, melting away any insecurities.”

With his EP within sight, he explains, “My plans for my EP would be inspired greatly on my next release Shy. I really believe this next song would open me to a myriad of opportunities and attention from new fans along with a great audience reach. This would help attract the atmosphere I desire to have before I drop my EP. I have a lot of songs recorded and waiting in the archive.”

Listen to the new track below:

Stream and listen here.


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