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Tobi Eyinade & Oluseyi Adebiyi Review Damilare Kuku’s “Nearly All The Men In Lagos Are Mad” | Listen to “Worth Reading Podcast”

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The “Worth Reading Podcast,” hosted by Tobi Eyinade (co-founder of Rovingheights and Founder of The BookLady NG) and bibliophile Seyi Adebiyi, focuses on works published by writers of African descent. Through book reviews and interesting interviews with your favourite authors, our goal is to help you sort through the many books vying for your attention and decide which ones are worth reading.

In the first episode, they discuss Damilare Kuku‘s critically-acclaimed book “Nearly All The Men In Lagos Are Mad.” The book is a collection of short stories about women’s heinous experiences at the hands of despicable Lagos men.

Listen to the podcast episodes below:

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