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Actress Victoria Nwogu advocates for Subsidy on Sanitary Products for Teenage Girls and Women in Nigeria

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Nollywood Actress Victoria Nwogu founder of one of the foremost Victoria Nwogu Outreach calls on stakeholders and the government to make sanitary pads free or subsidise them at least to aid teenage girls & Women In Nigeria.

Victoria Nwogu made this call on the sidelines of recent advocacy and outreach campaign In Lagos, Nigeria where she distributed sanitary pads, school items and food to Women and teenagers. Victoria Nwogu’s NGO Is famous for putting sanitary pads distribution as the foremost objective of her charity giveaways.

The actress further made a case by saying “I speak from the angle of a young Nigerian girl who had her secondary school education In an all-girls boarding school”

Continuing, Victoria Nwogu said, Menstruation is not by choice, It is not a luxury. In fact, It Is more of a nightmare for us females. There are countless stories of underprivileged teenage girls and women who miss classes and business hours in fear of being stained because they cannot afford sanitary pads. Some use tissue paper as pads which are not hygienic as some infections occur due to hygiene defaults; medically some of these infections can overtime cause damage to the female fertility organs, certainly a Woman’s worse nightmare; she emphasises

The beautiful actress says she will continue to contribute pads to the less privileged in Nigeria as it is a grossly underrated struggle females encounter.

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