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The Cast of Accelerate TV’s “The Olive” talk about Season 2 & Why It’s a Must-Watch

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We are well into the second season of Accelerate TV’s gripping thriller “The Olive”, and the show is already living up to its billing of being fast-paced and keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

BellaNaija spoke to Joke Silva, Theresa Edem, Segilola Ogidan, and Michael Ejoor, key cast members of the show, and without giving away spoilers, they shared interesting insights and what it felt like being on the set.

Segilola paid tribute to the late Karibi Fubara (who played her character’s husband in season 1) and how she’s had to overcome the huge loss. Michael Ejoor talked about continuing the character Karibi birthed, the scene he would love to play again, and more. Joke Silva and Theresa Edem share their message to the audience and why the series is a must-watch.

Read the full interview below:

Joke Silva 

“The Olive” is in its second season, how has the experience on this project been for you?

The Olive Season 2 was quite the experience and is still exciting. I loved working with everyone on set. I loved the various locations that we filmed in. I love the way my character developed. If it was reality she definitely would be a power broker in the scheme of things. She’d be a decision-maker even in the political sector.

What’s going to surprise people about this second season?

There’s just so much intrigue about this season. The audience should look forward to being kept at the edge of their seats because just when you think this is what is going to happen, you turn around and find out that that is not what is happening.

Why is this series a must-watch?

This series is a must-watch because the storyline is great. It comes with a lot of unexpected cuts and turns and nothing is really as it seems. I don’t want to say it but I think we’re messing with your head. (laughs)

Without giving anything away, what scene resonated deeply with you and why?

For me, the scene that I could not get out of my head was the one with my son, where he was at home and we argue. Before you know it things start flying over the place! I just can’t get over the incredible visceralness of that scene.

Theresa Edem 

What was your experience on the set of this series like?

It was absolutely fantastic! The Accelerate TV production team is amazing. Everything was in place for us to have a great shooting experience. Directing team and the crew were awesome and of course, the cast was superb. Overall I had a great time on the set of the Olive 1&2.

Tell us about Ehi, the character you play in the series.

Ehi is a multifaceted character. Today she’s a loving mom, wife, and businesswoman. Tomorrow she’s a ruthless killer. Is she really though? Watch to find out. Ehi is so many things I. One and I absolutely loved playing her.

Apart from your character, whose character do you look to for inspiration?

Let’s see. I’d say, Adora, that’s Ehi’s daughter in the show. Ehi is all about her family, her children, and doing what’s best for them even if it means killing whoever.

What’s your message to the audience about this new season?

Last season was a slow burner that lit a fire in everyone. This season we are burning it all down. This season is fast-paced! It will have you at the edge of your seat all through. You’ll love this season. And if you haven’t seen season 1, go binge it on YouTube.

What was your favourite scene to film and why?

One of my favourite scenes is the scene that reveals Ehi in episode 1 season 2. It’s very action-packed and I really enjoyed training and shooting that scene.

Segilola Ogidan

What would you like the audience to look out for in this new season?

This season is filled with drama and suspense. Things pick up with the story of Anayo and his family with some salacious subplots which I think will excite the audience. The season also delves deeper into Ehi’s story and her motives. For my character Dami, we explore some very real-life tragedies in relationships that a lot of people can relate to.

How would you describe your character’s journey?

Dami’s journey this season is one of self-discovery and contentment. With the inability to have her own children, she has to draw strength from her husband and learn to be patient with herself. It’s a painful journey for her that makes the betrayal of her husband even more poignant.

What was the most challenging scene to film and why?

I would say my first scene with Michael Ejor who plays my husband. Karibi Fubara (may his soul continue to rest in peace) played my husband in season 1 and we built a beautiful on-screen chemistry however I had to overcome this huge loss and rebuild the chemistry with this new actor like it was nothing, and make it convincing, was a huge challenge for me. However, once I got into it and Michael was so gracious to give me the time I needed to adjust, we got into a rhythm that worked and we executed.

Has any of the scenes you filmed touched a personal experience? And how did you connect with it?

The scene where she finds out that their effort to have a baby is futile definitely felt very close to home because I had just dealt with a miscarriage a few months prior and I had to draw from the very painful experience to get the emotions across and make it as authentic as possible.

Describe this second season in three words.

Thrilling, dramatic, and suspenseful.

Michael Ejoor

Why do you think you and your character are a perfect fit?

Tobi and I are so different, yet quite similar. It’s weird. Tobi has a good sense of humour, and so do I (AY I’m coming for your job sir lol), he’s hardworking, a great friend and empathetic…qualities I believe I have as well

The series attempts to tell a very important and complex story in society. Now in its second season, how well does the message resonate with the audience?

Season two’s tagline is “Good people do bad things” … I believe this has beyond resonated with society (insert bombastic side eye). I guess life sometimes pushes people to do things they ordinarily won’t do…sha no do am come my side, I’m already coming from a lot abeg, lezz not fight! LOL

But really it has taught me to give people the benefit of the doubt and weigh motive against action more. I hope it has a similar effect on the viewers out there

What was your favourite moment working with the cast and crew?

It would have to be my first day on set, which I believe was Day 2 or 3 overall. I was quite nervous, seeing as this is the first time I’ve had to play a character another actor has previously played. Theresa Edem fed me what I needed to bring that scene to life. The crew were easy to work with. I rarely don’t second guess my performance, but this time I didn’t at all

What was your first reaction when you got the script to play this character?

Mixed feelings to be honest. I was first sad that Karibi (God rest his soul) won’t be here to continue a character he birthed, which is every actor’s desire; to give the characters they play closure. On the flip side, I was also grateful, as I got to play the same character I auditioned for in the first season.

If you had to play a scene again, which scene would you thoroughly enjoy playing?

It would definitely be the scene I spoke of above, gosh!!!! I cannot gist you guys about it without spoilers and I no wan make dem sack me, season 3 will soon come biko. All l would say is you want to watch the final scene of the season. TRUST ME!

Who do you think should absolutely watch this series and why?

“I think everyone should watch it, to be honest…it appeals to a wide audience. But if I had to create a niche I’d say millennials (me I’m Gen Z sha) and intellectuals would really enjoy this. It’s different, I don’t think any other series currently out there mirrors it. Well I stand to be corrected sha.”