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Capture History in Art: Engage and Showcase Your Work in ARTSPLIT’s Power Transition Contest

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Following Nigeria’s power transition, an exciting opportunity awaits all art enthusiasts and creative souls to commemorate this momentous occasion in a memorable way. Prepare to unleash your artistic abilities by collaborating with ARTSPLIT, the premier platform for artistic expression through various mediums such as pictures, videos, sketches, and even poems. This exclusive challenge allows you to make a profound statement while also giving you the opportunity to win exceptional prizes.

Under the theme “HANDOVER OF POWER,” they cordially invite you to exhibit your captivating artwork that captures the essence of this historic transition and the mood of the nation. Whether it’s a captivating photograph that captures the spirit of change, a moving painting or sketch that conveys the nation’s hopes and aspirations, or even a thought-provoking poem that resonates with the changing social landscape, now is your chance to leave an indelible mark.

Everyone is welcome to enter, regardless of artistic background, nationality, or experience. From aspiring artists to seasoned professionals, everyone is encouraged to participate and share their unique artistic perspectives. By taking advantage of this opportunity, you have the chance to win incredible prizes that recognize and reward your creative talent.

The top three winners will receive the following prizes: the first-place winner will receive $200, the second-place winner will receive $120, and the third-place winner will receive $100. Additionally, 40 talented participants will be recognized with $20 consolation prizes, ensuring that the celebration of expression reaches a wider audience.

The competition began on May 29th and will run until June 2nd, 2023, giving artists plenty of time to create their masterpieces and submit their entries. The winner will be chosen based on the post with the most likes and interactions on the ARTSPLIT app on June 3rd. It’s a chance to show off your skills, interact with other artists and art enthusiasts, and foster community and engagement.

So, seize this opportunity to harness the power of art and contribute to the story of Nigeria’s power transition. Allow your imagination to run wild and make an impactful statement that resonates with the entire country.

Celebrate this historic occasion and pay tribute to the spirit of change through the universal language of art. Get started with the ARTSPLIT app today!

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