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Princess Onyejekwe Dishes on BBNaija, Beauty Pageants & More on #WithChude

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In his latest series of interviews with Big Brother Naija stars, Chude Jideonwo hosts Princess Onyejekwe on this episode of #With Chude.

Princess opens up about the differences between her first Big Brother Naija appearance and her appearance in the All Stars edition, her surprise at the level of competition in the show, and what she made of the experience.

She also addresses her ‘issue’ with Phyna, what she thinks about the perception people have of her, her beauty pageant experiences, her love for show business, her upcoming beauty pageant project, and lots more.

See excerpts below:

 On how she sustained her scar:

“In 2019, I had an accident on my way to the airport. That was how I got this scar on my face. I was on my way to the airport because I had a job here in Lagos, and close to the airport in Abuja, I had an accident, and my life changed because I didn’t know how I would live with a scar on my face. You know when you grow up and all your life you’ve been that beautiful girl; I’ve been beautiful since I was 5.

They rushed me to the hospital where student doctors did my stitching and of course it came up with a keloid. For someone like me who is very much into my aesthetics and general look… ‘It’s on my face’. Then there was lockdown, so I had all of COVID19 to wake up every day and see a scar on my face. Put on the camera to shoot a video and then there’s a scar under my lip. It really did take me away from the cameras. I actually feel that is part of why I gave up.

I had to go through this whole process of accepting that this is my face. Interestingly, I think that’s what the peace of the Lord did for me. Because I don’t believe I was able to overcome that level of fear or pain by myself.

I had to go back to the drawing board and I had to do a lot of inner work. I had to remind myself that this is ‘jara’ (extra) and the work is inside.

So I had to go inwards and ask ‘What do you have? What is it about you?’. So, I had to start developing the things about me that made me ‘me’ asides from my physical beauty.”



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