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Watch the Latest Episode of “Public Eye” on BN TV

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In this episode of Public Eye, host, Funmi Iyanda is joined by Dr. Olusegun Adeaga, Deji Akinpelu, and Arc. Abiodun Fatuyi.

The focus of this episode revolves around Lagos, the largest metropolis in Africa, and the imminent peril it faces from floods and global warming. Funmi and her guests delve into the city’s inadequate drainage infrastructure and how coastal erosion is compounding this issue, resulting in a gradual sinking of the city at a rate of approximately 2.4cm annually.

They also examine the ramifications of this crisis, including the prospect of numerous city areas becoming uninhabitable in the foreseeable future. The proposed solutions encompass enhancing drainage systems, curbing carbon emissions, and implementing effective strategies to manage coastal erosion.


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