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Watch Ayra Starr Play the “This or That” Game

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Superstar Ayra Starr, was the latest guest on the popular culture and entertainment YouTube channel, Cocoa Butter.

In a fun and revealing segment, Ayra played a game of “This or That,” giving fans a peek into her personality. From childhood favourites to celebrity encounters, the game covered a range of topics, including her celeb doppelgängers, her favourite UK slang, and the culture shock she experience in America.

One question in particular sparked Ayra’s lively response. When asked about her biggest American surprise, she revealed that the big size of everything from the portions at restaurants to the towering buildings, was surprising. “That was my first introduction to America, just imagine how scared I was,” she says.

Ayra Starr also gushed about her meeting with Rihanna.

Watch here:

Watch the first part here too:

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