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Dive into the Delicious World of Banga Soup by Joyful Cook

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Hailing from Nigeria’s Niger Delta, Banga soup is a culinary treasure known for its rich flavour and deep cultural significance. This beloved dish takes centre stage in a recipe video by Joyful Cook.

Made with a base of palm nuts, Banga soup is considered one of the most nourishing soups prepared with palm nuts and a diverse blend of herbs and spices. It is mostly eaten with the swallow, starch, by the Niger Deltans.

Joyful Cook’s recipe uses palm nut concentrate for convenience while incorporating a variety of protein options like goat meat, snails, and dried fish. To enhance the flavour, she employs various spices including ehuru, hot yellow pepper, irugege, crayfish, fermented locust beans, and bitter leaf.

Watch her make it below:

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