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Holy Mallam Opens Up to Teju Babyface on His Unexpected Move & New Beginnings in America

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Teju Babyface’s recent guest on his podcast is Holy Mallam, a Nigerian pioneer Christian comedian and an ethical compere. The interview explored Holy Mallam’s unexpected relocation to the United States, the difficulties he faced, and what he’s been up to lately.

He talked about how relocating abroad wasn’t on the horizon for him or his wife. They were established in Nigeria and content with their lives there, that the idea of seeking greener pastures abroad wasn’t a factor.

Despite their initial contentment in Nigeria, Holy Mallam eventually relocated his family to Dallas. However, this wasn’t part of the original plan. A serious illness his wife faced ultimately necessitated the move. He described the immense responsibility he shouldered while supporting his wife during her illness and the terrible experience he had with a certain church.

Watch below:

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