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About the Blogger: Sharms Online is maintained by Sharmaine who currently holds an MSc in Marketing from the University of Leicester, UK and a BA in Business, Organizations and Society from Franklin & Marshall College, USA. Aside from 6 years of blogging on Sharms Online, Sharmaine has experience the Marketing industry in Ghana, having worked for various firms such as Multichoice Ghana and L'Oreal throughout her career. Sharmaine has also collaborated with brands like Vlisco, Maybelline NY Gh, Dark & Lovely Ghana and Sigma Cosmetics on the blog which has allowed her to merge her passion for beauty and fashion with her expertise in marketing. About the Blog: Sharms Online is a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog which aims to empower and inspire Ghanaian women to be the best they can be. This is a safe space where Ghanaian women can ask questions about life, health, beauty, fashion and more. The main focus is to provide practical and easy beauty tutorials as well as fashion inspiration that all types of women can follow. Sharms Online also aims to showcase hidden gems all over Ghana (beauty, salons, boutiques, travel locations, restaurants etc). Find Sharms Online Instagram & Twitter - @sharmsonline [email protected]

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