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Nitya Hullur

Hey I am Nitya Hullur - a registered nutritionist based in Dubai. I have always been amazed by how much your food can speak about you. Yeah, that’s true – your food doesn’t lie. It reflects clearly on your face, body and skin - just like a mirror. That’s what got me deeply interested in understanding the dynamics of food, human body and the mind. My Bachelor's in Nutrition and Masters in Global Health allowed me to build a broader perspective on how simple, local food can impact your health positively. Through these years I have stayed both in India and Nigeria - both these places have been my source of inspiration for my blog. My attempt is to reach out to masses to make simple food alterations by bringing back local foods to have a healthier nutritional profile in a minimum budget possible. I believe healthy eating is not about counting calories, you have to go beyond it- wise food choices, healthy cooking techniques, regular timings and loads of body conditioning. I am here to help you out with all of that. Most crucial diet goals would be feeling good, loosing inches and not your mind! Follow my blog, for great local recipes made and incorporated with a twist. For diet counselling write to me on [email protected] - will be happy to help. Loads of Healthy, Local Love

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