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I absolutely luv Amplifyd!!! I heard their song “Shakara” on the radio in naija last xmas and I went ballistic trying to find out who they were…… I know those of u in the states r probably very familiar with them but for those who don’t know, they are B-Eazy (Biola), Myth (Muyiwa), Titi along with DJ TNT and managed by Young-Exec (Bode)……
I like to think of Amplifyd as Nigeria’s Black Eyed Peas…..Their music is fun and eclectic with a strong hip-hop and naija influence….
Here are some promo shots (luv them!!!!) and some of their songs….I really hope that Amplifyd stays on the musical grind…..cause they are fab!

Shakara – Download Audio
Ju Idi (Whisper Song) – Download Audio
Tell Dem – Download Audio
Best Friend – Download Audio
Click HERE are their website and HERE for their myspace page.

Have a great weekend everyone! I shall be sleeping and shopping all weekend! I wish I could do both at the same time but…….lol…….anyway, much luv! Thanks for the birthday luv on Wednesday! Ciao!

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