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Model of the week: Omowunmi Akinnifesi, MBGN 2005
I really luv her outfit. She has really stepped up her style game!

Hey Everyone!!!!
How was your week? I’m sure most of u r back from your holidays now! How was it? Please give us the gist!
Meanwhile, all the things that I procrastinated and postponed last year
E.g. Doctors Appointments, Spa Days, Hair Appointments, Dates (lol)…
have caught up with me! That’s why I haven’t been blogging as much as usual but that is all going to change.
So from next week, you can expect full-time blogging from me!
Anyways, I present: Weekend Luv – The 1st 2007 Edition.

The ladies of Cranberry now have a blog! I luv luv luv it!
Fashion at its best!
The styling is hot, the clothes are hot, the ladies r hot!
Someone was telling me that I am always saying that I am proud of people on my blog but I cannot help it when young people are doing BIG things…rock on ladies!

Boorish Male
I am really likin’ this blog. Nigerian dude who just moved back to naij…u know the story but I just luv the way he weaves his stories and relates his experiences. Very interesting!

36 Inches of Brown Legs
Young lady having fun in Lagos…High jinks ensue!

Very interesting blog for a young Nigerian mum. Very funny and cute. It makes the whole concept of motherhood more relatable. Nice One.

What’s Poppin’
UK indie-rock star, Kele Okereke (his parents are Nigerian) of the band, Bloc Party (I luv their music…dont believe me? I’m serious!) has come out of the closet and confirmed that he is gay. HERE

Hephzibah (pronounced: f-z-bah) costume party @ TerraKulture this weekend. Details – HERE

TruSpot Radio
I love this site soooo much!
The hottest Nigerian music on 24/7.
This website is on lockdown on my laptop…I just leave it on and enjoy the music!
Check it out!

Nigeria Entertainment
NE has a new edition out! It is a multimedia edition. Very interesting one! Kudos to Toni Payne. Good luck at the Future Awards next week. Ms Minx, Lola and Just Me are still in the running for the future awards too…Good luck ladies!

FaZe – Kolomental
This is one of the hottest songs in naij right now.
It’s got a slamming reggaeton beat. Check on it! Do you think that FaZe ‘s new album is going to hotter than 2Face’s new album? Let’s wait and see!

D’Banj – Rundown (Funk U Up)
This is supposedly D’Banj’s second single off his new album.
D’Banj is just killin it! Dude is mad talented! Why Meeeeeee…kokolet 1, 2! Everyone must have shouted these words at one point this xmas. Anyway, D’Banj is also very hardworking. He performed at sooooo many events last year including my lil’ sister’s end of year school party! LOL

2Face – If Love Is A Crime
New song off 2Face’s new album…. Not bad at all.
2Face’s new album had better be HOT! He set a really high standard with the last one so he has to maintain that. I wish him all the best!

****Make sure u buy original copies of their albums, support nigerian musicians! I want them to be flying G5s and driving Maybachs this year! If possible, one of them should be dating Beyonce by the end of the year. AMEN!****

Now at the end of every weekend luv I will be asking a random question.
As in a question that has been weighing on my mind.
Might be related to me or it might not…
Let us know your opinion.

Would you date a divorced dude who has a child?

That’s it folks!
Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!! See you on Monday…Ciao!

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