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Another late entry…my bad!
So how was your week? I had a very lovely week really…nothing much happened but its all good.
The next couple of weeks are going to be kinda exciting so I am really looking forward to that (I’ll fill you guys in on it soon)
So what did u get up to this week? Hope all went well.
Meanwhile, u guys had my dear friend in tears yesterday! Pandora’s box was truly blasted open with all your comments! She said was not expecting that kind of reaction but is grateful though and is trying to ‘handle’ it…I’ll keep u updated.
Anyway, here is Weekend Luv – The Survivors Edition

Frozen Pink’s Blog
Wow, this blog is very close to my heart for real. It inspires me when people like Overwhelmed Naija Babe and Confused Naija Girl decide to share their innermost thoughts and experiences with us. Sometimes it is heartbreaking but I really appreciate it because I know it can help other people heal their emotional scars. Please visit this blog.

Chude’s Blog
Chude is someone I admire soooo much. He is one of the guys behind the Future Awards which I talked about a while ago. He is a young man with so much promise and potential who has contributed so much to Nigeria already. Check out his blog.

Bab’s House
This blog is soooo different. A very unique concept. Nigerian people stand up! We are just too creative.

What’s Up
Check out Diamond’s Bachelorette Series. Very very interesting. Go ahead and vote for the Bachelor of your choice – HERE
Estella Ogbonna of Estella Couture will be showing at the Couture Fashion Week of the the USA International Fashion Shows. She is the only African designer showing so if you are in the tri-city area, buy your tickets and support her – HERE
Nollywood actress, Taiwo Hassanat Akinwande (Wunmi) regains her freedom – HERE
Mr. Nigeria is crowned and he is model, Brian Okpara – HERE
Molue bus crashes on Third Mainland Bridge and people are thrown into the Lagoon in Lagos. Tragic. – HERE
Anna Nicole Smith dies. Tragic end to a tragic life. I pray her baby daughter is able to enjoy and normal fulfilled life – HERE
A huge CONGRATS to Boorish Male and TMinx then TMinx and BabaAlaye then Vera and her Special Guyhorny (R Rated – do not click this link at work) . I hope I am not missing anyone. Your unions will be buttered!
Check out this very funny audio of an indian wife who finds out her husband is cheating with the help of a Radio DJ. Hilarious! – HERE

The Songs
I am keeping it strictly old school this week. The sound quality of the songs is not that great but its worth listening to.

Plantashun Boiz – Knock Mi Off
This was my song!!!!!!!! The Plantashun Boiz really killed it back in the day. Luv it!

Paul Play Dairo ft Mr Swave, Tonero, Slam – Mo S’ori Ire
This was Paul Play’s very first hit! A remake/remix of his father’s legendary jam. Very hot song.

Blackky – Bang Belly
This song used to make me laugh so hard but I realize now that it has a strong message. The things our young African ladies go through when the guys ‘do the deed’ and then start denying when the ‘bang belly’ arrives. Be safe, wrap it up or abstain.

I am seriously searching for Nel Oliver’s Babygirl!
Anyone who has to should pleasssssssse send it to me at bellanaija @ MUAH!

This post is dedicated to all your strong women out there. Who have been through so much but are still able to stand up strong and proud! U have nothing to be ashamed of because you are a survivor.

One Luv,

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