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Hey Everyone!
Bon Friday! How was your week? I am sooooo sorry about my inconsistent blogging over the last 2 weeks. Don’t worry, all is very well….I will be back with a bang next week!
So what did you guys get up to? I just worked, worked and worked! I think it might be a fun weekend though so that’s good!
Please email me if you have any suggestions for the blog or anything else really! My email address is [email protected]

The Blogs
Abuja Babe’s Blog
I have really been enjoying Abuja Babe’s blog since I discovered it about 2 weeks ago….Tres interesting.

Arin’s Odyssey
I just discovered this blog today! Very interesting…it chronicles her unconventional love story…nice one!

What’s Hot
I have been addicted to Uzo’s Blogger Bachelorette Series since she started. If you havent caught on or need to catch on. Check on it – HERE

Mona’s blog has been on fire this week…Good Job Girl – HERE

Happy Birthday Dimples!!! Here is the website she has been promoting –

Everywhere I turn, people are talking about the LV ‘Ghana Must Go’ but if I remember correctly, we talked about it about 6 months ago – HERE…so bellanaija readers are clearly ahead of the curve…lol.. What’s hot right now is the $46,000 bag Louis Vuitton Bag! Darn its ugly…Marc Jacobs must have been high when he thought up that one!

Be sure to check out the new edition of Linda Ikeji’s Mag…Here is a snippet from the new edition featuring MTV Networks Africa VP, Alex Okosi
Also be sure to visit her blog – HERE

Here are some more ‘interesting’ Idol West Africa Auditions that I haven’t put up before…
Watch at your own risk!

Its Murdaaaaaaa
Chiwendu – OMG! Tooooo mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Essien – The babe really tried to infuse phonetics into her singing…unforts, it didn’t work!
Armstrong – Its murdaaaaaaaaa
Estelle – wow!
Chinwe – I’ve shown this before but it’s just too classic
Adeshina – amazing!!!!!
Collins – aka Smook da Thug….LMAO need I add more? You need to hear this!!! Don’t lie some of u would buy his cd…well at least the pirated copy!
Thesalona – seriously?
David – he really killed them!
Rasta Eric – yes monnnnn
Oghenevwarho – Elvis reincarnated
Adeola – rawwwwwk on
Tribal Singer (Ejiro) – repping for the villagers
George – nightmares
Francis – WTF
Michael – U have to watch this! Wow..shaking my head~

Just Bad!
Henry – lol but actually not tht bad
Iyke – Jackie Chan meets MJ meets Fela mennnnn
Pauline – the sad part is that she really thought her singing was actually wasn’t!
Fuseini – nooooooooooooo
Ifeanyi – He was not bad at all but the ‘moves’ killed it…then he fired at the judges…
Danny – just aiight
Beatrice – She wasn’t bad but tried to overdo things really
John – no no no no no
The Group – they need to shed some members
Shalom – no words!
Holyrock – Pavarotti would be proud
Oluwafemi – I’m traumatized!!
Dayo – naaaaaaaaaa
Imhoagewe – as Dede said ‘tht’s not singin, that’s croaking’
Christopher – lol
Joseph – lolz
Matthias – not tht bad

The Hits
FaZe – Tattoo Girls
FaZe’s album ‘Independent’ is just tooo hot! Y’all need this album! It’s the hottest Nigerian album that I’ve heard in a long time…This song is another!

Tony Tetuila featuring Ruff, Rugged & Raw – Omode Meta (Save Target As)
Tony Tetuila – My Kind of Woman (Save Target As)
Brings back memories!!!!

Random Question of the Week
Someone emailed me this and I think it’s a good question but can’t make an Aunty Bella post about it because she didn’t give enough details but here goes anyway –

My boyfriend and I plan on getting married by year end. He wants me to sign a prenup as a condition for us to get married. What do u think of it? What do people think?

Have a great weekend y’all!
Ciao, Bella…

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