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Hi Everyone,
I’m so sorry for the lack of blogging.
I am in the midst of some major life decisions… I think I might need some Aunty Bella counselling in my life lol…The situation does not relate to relationships and has nothing to do with getting married lol. I think I’ll talk about it next week and y’all can give me some advice.

So back to what I have been meaning to blog about. The Nigerian music scene experienced a sort of rebirth over the last couple of years. After some quiet years, the new millennium has seen the rise of Nigerian musicians such as Styl Plus, 2Face Idibia, P-Square, Ruggedman, Modenine etc…These artistes have gone on to win international acclaim and commercial success.
What I and many other music fans have noticed is the lack of popular Nigerian female musicians…
Some emerge and fade away quickly…No one has risen to take the crowns of Nigeria’s female music royalty such as Onyeka Onwenu, Yinka Davies, Evi-Edna Ogholi and Esse Agesse.
Anyway, here is the new gang of women attempting to take the crown. These are Nigerian female musicians (rappers and singers) all based in Nigeria who are making strides in the Nigerian music scene. I present, Nigeria’s Musical Divas.

Yetunde Antonia Alabi is Sasha. Arguably the most popular female musician of her generation, Sasha has been on the grind for a long time. This University of Lagos Law student emerged as part of ‘Da Trybe’…Eldee’s collective of solo artistes on the old Trybes Records. From the moment she spit her verse on the song ‘Oya’..everyone stood up and noticed…we all wanted to know ‘Who’s That Girl?’…Sasha is now on Nigeria’s hottest label ‘Storm Records’ and is prepping to release her first solo album with the lead track ‘Adara’…Go look for Sasha’s album when its released and hunt down a copy of theTrue Love February 2007 edition which featured Sasha on the cover. Thanks to Dami for the scans!!!!!!!!! You’re a sweetheart! MUAH!
Sasha’s MySpace

Bukola Folayan aka B.O.U.Q.U.I is a gospel rap artiste. Despite growing up in an academic environment (her father is a professor), Bouqui has nurtured her love for music and honed her craft and is now ready to take on the world. With some hot tracks, a tight flow and most importantly, a positive message, Bouqui is a true inspiration.
Listen to Bouqui: Not Ashamed
Bouqui’s Myspace

Bouqui’s Website

Ashionye is popularly referred to as Nigeria’s Beyonce. Whether you think the comparison is justified is down to personal taste but one thing is for sure. Ashionye Michelle Ugboh is bold and ready to break down barriers. She is a TV presenter and former Cool-FM DJ; She is on the cover of this month’s True Love West Africa, recently released her debut album and has been performing at various concerts.
Watch Ashionye: Party Tonite
Ashionye’s Website
Ashionye’s Myspace

Asa is a different kind of artiste. Her music is organic and melodious. Just her voice and her guitar. Simply stunning! Musical artistes like Asa do not rely on the glitz and the glamour, rather they let their talent speak for itself. Asa is a favourite amongst the expatriate crowd and ‘real’ music lovers in Nigeria. She has appeared on the cover of True Love West Africa magazine is a true Nigerian musical ambassador.

Aralola Olamuyiwa better known as Ara is a star! She has performed all around the world yet not that many Nigerian know her music. No doubt she is popular, the girl with the long braids and the talking drum but why cant we sing any of her songs? I guess that is part of the mystique, Ara is a stage artiste, not a studio performer. She brings great vibrancy and energy to the Nigerian music scene and deserves every accolade. Ara is undoubtedly a true Nigerian diva.

I have spoken about Angelica before but she definitely deserves a mention on this list. The ‘My Naija Guy’ singer has Nigerian showbiz impresario, Kingsley Ogoro backing her and she is not looking back. Her debut album is filled with various hot songs that will surprise you. Angelica is one to watch out for.
Angelica’s Myspace

Weird MC is no doubt one of the most accomplished women on this list…She has been in the game for over a decade with hits such as ‘Allen Avenue’ and her recent banger ‘Ijoya’. She is multi-talented who breaks the rules…As her name dictates, she is not a cookie-cutter musician. Weird MC moved back to Nigeria about 2 years ago after several years in the UK and has been churning out great music since then. She is a pioneer and definitely a great talent.
Weird MC’s Myspace

There are also some other upcoming Nigerian female musician such as Kemistry, Blaise and Nnenna. A collective of Nigerian females musicians namely Amaka, Zeal, Blaise, Sasha Niyola, Ashionye, Kemistry & Amina are releasing a song called ‘I’m A Woman’ soon… Great to see these ladies working together. See Pic.

There are actresses such as Omotola and Genevieve who have pursued musical careers but the women mentioned on my list are the hottest ones in Nigerian right now.
So let us know…who is your fav? Do you think any of them have a chance of becoming the Onyekas of the new generation? Why are the men doing better than the women on the Nigerian music scene?

Let us know!

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