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Hi Everyone!
Soooooo it’s already midweek – ‘hump day’ as some call it.
How is your week so far? Hope all is going well.
My week has been cool so far actually. Thank God.

This past weekend I hung out with one of my very good friends, so throughout the weekend, she kept on mentioning a wedding that she has to attend this weekend. Each time she brought it up, she kept on getting upset. I was seriously wondering what all the trouble was about until she asked me if she could ‘repeat’ an outfit she that she’s worn to a previous event. I just started laughing but it led us to a longer discussion…..

The rest of this post was written with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek! You should read with the same flavour! Enjoy…

So what do you guys think about repeating outfits?
It might seem like a trivial question but its getting serious!
Especially now when we are at the age when lots of our friends, sisters, brothers etc…are getting married. Plus you know the ‘event mania’ in Nigeria. From Turquoise Ball to ThisDay Awards to the Future Awards to Deola Sagoe’s fashion show…everyday another event and you are expected to give them a brand new outfit each time! It ain’t easy!

It’s as if there is an unwritten rule about ‘repeating’
You might roll your eyes and say ‘ohhh that is so high school!’ but how many times have you been on facebook looking at Cornelia’s wedding pictures, then you spot Lara and you are like ‘ahhhh isn’t that the same outfit Lara wore to Jummai’s wedding 2 weeks ago, why is she wearing it again now?, eyah I heard her dad lost the election, maybe money is tight’
Or you are click to and she puts pictures up of the 3 times you have rocked the outfit (lol…oops I won’t do that again! Ok maybe)

Okay, I am not really talking about shoes or jeans or tees or even bags (especially all you bagaholics – after spending 1500 $s or £s on a bag, if you like wear it once! The joke is on you!). The point of contention is mainly dresses.
So would you wear the same dress you wore for one wedding to another?
Should there be a time gap between when you first rock an outfit and when you ‘rerock’ it?
Give us your opinions; I know many of us have wardrobes full of gorgeous dresses that we feel we cannot wear again.

So here are some tips from my friend who inspired this topic, let’s call her Mrs O
Mrs O’s 5 tips for ‘ReRocking’

Get your pens and paper ready!

  • Avoid taking photos – when you see a camera run! You know you have plans of ‘rerocking’ that dress so you don’t need evidence spoiling your show
  • No facebook! – If by some chance, you managed to get caught on film/memory card, warn the over-zealous photographer not to put it on facebook.
    Some readymade excuses at your disposal include ‘ohh I don’t want to be so out there’ ‘my pastor said I shouldn’t put my photos on facebook’ etc…
    If someone insists on putting it up, sharply untag yourself and delete them from your friend’s list. lol
  • Accessorize – Ok so you are ‘rerocking’, accessorize differently. You mustn’t pair the dress with the same shoes, bag, belt as before. Ah ah…it aint that serious
  • Wear the outfit to an event with a different ‘crowd’ – So you wore the outfit to your mom’s 50th birthday party with all the oldies, you can ‘rerock’ at your friend’s jewellery exhibition. You can also try the geographical ‘rerock’ Yes o, so you rocked it in Lagos, there is still Accra, Jozi, London, Maryland etc…rerock!
  • Finally, this one is very important! When you are ‘rerocking’, please rock the outfit with confidence! You see people looking timid because they are ‘scared’ someone will ‘catch’ them wearing the outfit again! Hells no, were they in your office when you were working for your money? Nope. Therefore ‘rerock’ with swagger!

For some inspiration, here are some celeb rerockers!
Photo Credit: concrete loop

That’s it!

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