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Darey stays on the Grind! Debuts ‘Let U Know’ video, Preps to release US Album and Unveils video bio

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Dare MV 3-175If anyone ever doubts Darey‘s work ethic, they just need to do a quick google search and they’ll have a quick change of heart. Darey seems intent on world domination, lets see how it all works out!

He has released yet another video from his album – UnDAREYted, this time its ‘Let U Know’ featuring Pheel. Next up, he will be releasing a repackaged and revamped new album especially for the US album.  Producers that have worked on the project so far are Ayodele Basil, Patrick Matthias, Cobhams Asuquo and Kurt Clayton. Darey is talented and obviously driven to succeed, lets hope he is able to connect to the US audience as he hopes. Chude Jideonwo wrote an interesting article on Darey for NEXT Newspaper. You can read the article HERE. The article has stirred a lot of discussion since it was published. Check on it! Finally, Darey has also released video bio  ‘Darey – Past, Present & Future’. See the video below.

All things Darey always inspires debate on BN so let us know what you think!

Darey – Past, Present & Future from Darey on Vimeo.

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