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Tasty Arm Candy from Ghana, It’s Diva Delicious

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We bet the title got you going ‘huh?’, what’s Diva Delicious and why is it arm candy? Well, we’ll tell you all about it – Diva Delicious is a budding accessories design line by Sandi Owusu, a young Ghanaian design entrepreneur is racking up lots of fans and patrons. The line is all about intricately crafted bags using the best of Ghanaian straw material. The pieces are then embellished with various materials including glass beads, fabric flowers and feathers. These colourful creations are a great playful addition to any outfit! The line is currently expanding into other accessories including hats but in the meantime, check out Diva Delicious pieces below.
Diva Delicious Ghana Bella Naija001Diva Delicious Ghana Bella Naija002Diva Delicious Ghana Bella Naija003Diva Delicious Ghana Bella Naija009Diva Delicious Ghana Bella Naija010Diva Delicious Ghana Bella Naija011Diva Delicious Ghana Bella Naija018Diva Delicious Ghana Bella Naija019[nggallery id=143]

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