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The Great Hair Debate! From Rockin Your ‘Real’ Hair to ‘Good Hair’

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Tyra Weave FreeThe great hair debate is raging right now.
When Tyra Banks announced that she was going extension-free, people of all races paid attention. Tyra – the self-proclaimed lace front queen was going to be filming the entire season of the Tyra Banks Show with no wigs or hair extensions. Just her hair. Call it a gimmick but it definitely sparked the debate.
Personally, I have had a love-hate relationship with my hair. For years, no one saw it, it was just weave-in, weave-out and it worked for me just fine. It is not as though I especially hated my hair, its just that with an extremely busy school, work and travel schedule; that was basically the easiest option.
Even in my predominantly white university, my classmates were so convinced that my weave was my hair that during a drive to donate hair – they tried to convince me to donate to Locks of Love. That gave me a hearty laugh!

Despite pleas from my mum to ‘let my hair breath’, I simply ignored those! – it is easy to let your hair ‘breathe’ when you have long locks flowing with the wind like she does. After relocating to Nigeria last year, I got a hair stylist who I trusted even though she told me that my sister and mum have ‘good hair’ while my hair is ‘too thick’. Even with my ‘too thick’ hair, she advised me to give the weaves a break and after months of badgering and pleading from her. I finally did it! – I stepped out ‘weave free’. Seriously, I have never felt more naked, I was tempted to run back and say ‘Kemi, please just fix a quick weave’ or go straight home but instead I went to a get-together with BN Beauty Editor, Azara and guess what? A couple of people actually complimented my hair! To say I was shocked and awed would be an understatement. Another thing surprised me, lots of my male friends and colleagues told me to stick with it. Most men claim they love the ‘real hair’ look…Not sure if I believe them but it’s their opinion.

After my first weave-free experience, I don’t think I will ever tick to just ‘my hair’ permanently so I still rock my weaves but now give it a break much more often.

Will love to hair your weave vs. real hair stories. Guys, we want to hear from you as well. Any preferences? Plus what do you think about the whole ‘good hair’ thing – what is ‘good hair’ anyway? Check out the trailer to the new Chris Rock movie on the topic below – looks hilarious!

Tyra Weave – Free in Motion: Think she looks much better with her hair but its her choice!

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