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Work-A-Stylish: The Ultimate Style & Wardrobe Event

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gviewOn Sunday, 25th October 2009 – The Work-A-Stylish event will be held at the Lagoon Restaurant on Ozumba Mbadiwe Street in Victoria Island.

etc Lingerie, the premiere home for the complete underwear wardrobe and Fruition Image Consultants Nigeria’s first and only holistic image consultancy have come together to bring you WORK-A-STYLISH – AN ‘INFO-TAINMENT’ [INFORMATIVE + ENTERTAINING] WORKSHOP/OUTREACH EVENT FOR WOMEN.
Sadly most women still wear and use only 20% of their entire wardrobe 80% of the time – A wardrobe filled to the brim, yet nothing to wear. We cannot dispute the fact that fashion is the passport to a woman’s heart. It is also a proven fact that when you look good, your confidence levels increase and you excel at work or play.

WORK-A-STYLISH is THE lifestyle and wardrobe revolution. The concept came about as a response to the woman’s search for answers on how to create a great under- and outer- garment wardrobe. It is a solution to the problem of low self-esteem and confidence in our women.

The under- and outer-garments go hand-in-hand. It is almost impossible to create an ideal result without the marriage of the right elements. Achieving the right formula would have a profound effect on a woman’s view of her own body as well as her confidence levels.

For centuries women’s bodies have been shaped, enhanced and even controlled by underwear – a means to obtaining the desired fashionable figure. The undergarment is a reliable and instant way of creating a desired firm appearance underneath clothing. The wrong undergarment can distort the body and ruin an outfit so it is important to build a complete look, starting with the right foundation – UNDER-GARMENT.

As a revolution with a conscience and cause, we strongly support the much talked about “BREAST CANCER”. However, our approach is different yet necessary – Before now it was about creating awareness, now we want to translate this awareness “into action”. We are partnering with the PINC Campaign to ensure sustained and concerted public awareness of the scourge that is Breast Cancer.

Established as the pioneer one-stop underwear store, etc LINGERIE is run by Mrs. Dapo Davies-Nnadi, a trained and accomplished chartered accountant, with a passion and flair for attention to minute details – Underwear and laying the right foundation to achieving the well groomed look.

Apart from running a successful lingerie business, Mrs Davies-Nnadi has recently organized a very successful underwear show. etc organized the first ever successful underwear catwalk in Nigeria with its first show in 2007, themed ‘Inner You!’

FRUITION IMAGE CONSULTANTS is run by a team of expert visual and verbal image enhancement experts led by Ifeoma Williams. A lawyer turned certified image consultant. Ifeoma is a distinguished public speaker who has run many successful image enhancement seminars, workshops and training sessions. Some of which include:

The Vanguard WOW Women’s Seminar
Scarlet to Snow Extreme Makeover
Lagos State COWLSO Women’s Conference October 2008

To mention a few.
THE PINC CAMPAIGN is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), founded by Ms Solape Epega. After a breast cancer scare, which she has described as a ‘life changing experience’, Solape has championed the cause to ensure that the conspiracy of silence is broken, and that the battle indeed goes beyond awareness.

Does this mean that only the settled and healthy can consider a well co-ordinated wardrobe? What about the Breast Cancer Survivor?

Breast cancer is the most common cancer and the second principal cause of cancer deaths in women worldwide, as well as in Nigeria – The peak age of breast cancer in Nigerian women is about a decade earlier than European women.
Studies show that breast cancer is on the increase globally, and this increase is occurring at a faster rate in populations of developing countries, such as Nigeria, that may have previously enjoyed low incidence of the disease.
An extremely low level of ‘breast awareness’ exists in Nigeria. The hallmark of breast cancer in Nigerian women being late detection at advanced stages of the disease, when little or no benefit can be derived from treatment.
Working with the NGO, the PINC CAMPAIGN, the Work-A- Stylish team will give part of the proceeds towards the next step in the fight that is BREAST CANCER!
Our angle and approach towards breast cancer goes beyond awareness, it is about translating this much talked about awareness into action. We intend to do this by setting up help groups, referral centres and much more to educate our women and reduce the numbers lost to the disease.
Amongst other things, Work-A-Stylish will provide guidance on shopping for the right wig, underwear and, most importantly, support for the breast cancer survivor. These ladies have hope, and we must help them.


  • Learn the truth about breast cancer and the benefits of early detection
  • Confidence booster in women
  • Learn the importance of underwear as the foundation for any outfit
  • Eliminate expensive wardrobe mistakes
  • Build a wardrobe that works for you
  • Cease to be a wall paper, whatever your career or calling
  • Learn why women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time
  • Learn how to enhance your features, especially with the appropriate under garment
  • Camaraderie and networking

The set program for the event includes networking, interaction and stall visits, presentations [on underwear and wardrobe], as well as quality entertainment.
Attendees will receive a goody bag packed with informative and high end products, as well as a brochure keep-sake with useful tips and information.

Table (10 guests) =N=150,000
Please contact Mrs. Seun Oratokhai on 0807 777 7474 or via email at [email protected] to purchase tables as there are limited spaces available.
It is about working and living in style!
We look forward to seeing you at the event.

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