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Susan Peters: A Lady in Waiting



As premiere after premiere continue to be unleashed from the folds of Nollywood, a certain lady clearly stands out; oozing poise and grace. That lady is Susan Peters. Who is Susan Peters and which films has she done? When did she enter the industry? Those were the words swirling in my head when I caught up with the pretty actress recently. Here’s what went down.

BA: Hi Susan!

SP: Hi Bola. Good to see you!

BA: You’re looking good.

SP: Thank you.

BA: Your name doesn’t tell me where you’re from… are you Nigerian?

SP: I’m a proper Nigerian girl. I’m from Benue ..of Idoma tribe to be precise.

BA: Idoma..thats Tuface’s place, right?

SP: That’s right.

BA: I’ve been seeing you at several industry gigs… have you been in the industry (Nollywood) long?

SP: I have been in the industry since 2002 and I’ve acted in over 30 films.

BA: Really? Which ones?

SP: ‘Wasted Effort’ directed by Andy Amenechi, Sound of Poverty,…recently ‘Nollywood Hustler’ and some soon-to-released films such as ‘Bursting Out’ starring Genevive Nnaji and Majid Michel and ‘Mortal Attraction’ starring Ramsey Nouah and Monalisa Chinda. I have also acted in a couple of soaps; Tajudeen Adepetun’s ‘Dominoes’ and Blessing Egbe’s ‘Disclosure’ soon to be aired on DSTV.

BA: Hmm…that many… some people say breaking into the industry is a not that easy. How did you get into the industry?

SP: In a very interesting way. I never really planned to go into acting. I had a shop.. a boutique in Kaduna and some people approached me, saying they wanted to use the shop to shoot one of their scenes.. I agreed and after they finished the shoot, the director asked me if I would like to act in the production. At first I said no then later succumbed. I quite enjoyed myself and decided to do it full time. I attended film school and here I am.

BA: I noticed your performance in the movie ‘Nollywood Hustler’ at the premiere and couldn’t help noticing how fiery you were…

SP: (laughter) ‘Nollywood Hustler’ is a comedy. I played the part of a bush wanna-be actress that wanted to enter the industry by all costs. I was Uche Jombo’s (character’s) friend and we had fun laughing at ourselves. Check out my make-up and costume! (general laughter). I have some other projects about to hit the screens like ‘Bursting Out’ a romantic comedy that featured Genevieve Nnaji and Majid Michel. I acted the part of Majid’s jilted lover. I showed the poor boy pepper in the film! (laughter)

BA: This could be your breakout role yet?

BA: Are you like that (troublesome) in real life?

SP: Of course not… who will admit anyway?! (laughter)

BA: Well, we look forward to these films when they come out. So where can we get in touch with you if we want to?

SP: Well, I can contacted on www.susanpetersfanbook.ning and I recently started a blog so I can be reached there as well.

BA:  Its been great talking to you.  I wish you the best in your career.

SP: Thank you, Bola.