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Tableau Vivant: The Art of Eccentric Impressions by Vlisco

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The first Vlisco fabric collection of 2010 is inspired by unexpected combinations. Dreamlike scenery unites heritage and sophistication. You are taken unawares, caught in a landscape of patterns. The assemblage of designs appears random, yet produces the ultimate ‘Tableau Vivant’ sensation. A collection of contemporary designs dominated by graphic lines and clustered ornaments, with each individual design holding a remarkable treasure of its own, arousing your curiosity with extraordinary impressions.
Vlisco Tableau Vivant 1Vlisco Tableau Vivant 2Vlisco Tableau Vivant 3Vlisco Tableau Vivant 4Vlisco Tableau Vivant 5Vlisco Tableau Vivant 6Vlisco Tableau Vivant 7Vlisco Tableau Vivant 8Vlisco Tableau Vivant 9Vlisco Tableau Vivant 10