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FRIDAY TRACK: Local Champion Swag




You all know we love fridays but I must confess Sundays are a close contender. Sundays are considered the day of rest but I like to refer to them as the day of the ‘big city’ routine.

You know how it goes, you wake up, and you feast on eggs with corned beef stew. If you’re lucky, you wash it down with orange juwis. If you’re God-fearing, perhaps you’ll head to church for some wholesome enlightening message in your Sunday best.

Week to week, this sequence of events change – some Sundays are lazier than others but one thing is constant in everybody’s Sunday rituals and that’s the frantic flick-through THISDAY STYLE.

Yes, the 20-page holy grail of approval that you are “doing something right”. People who traditionally don’t read a single paper all week, somehow manage to have newspaper vendors knocking on their gate religiously on Sundays.

Couples at the Lekki Peninsula Gate fight to get the attention of the vendor as they head to church, as husbands exchange N200 with the vendor, wives leap across the steering wheel headed straight to the middle page supplement. Some even confuse the supplement with their bible when they get to Church. They all have the same questions in mind – Am I in it? Do I know someone in it?

I don’t understand why Ruth Osime (Editor) bothers to with the 20% text-based content cause no one reads a single line in their fashion dos and don’t ‘articles’.

Now, just appearing in it isn’t enough, other issues arise – the outfit must be the right one or at least one that you’re proud of. There’s the name spelling, God forbid they spell your name wrong, or enter your picture with a blank name tag or refer to you as a GUEST (that hurts!)

Worst off is when they only manage to get your first name because noone knows your surname. If that’s happened to you, unless you’re Madonna – please don’t try and justify it.

Someone said to my sister last week – those who make it into Elan are Thisday style rejects. Hence, it doesn’t carry the same weight. Ouch!

So, this got me thinking, how much is an appearance in THISDAY STYLE worth on your social ranking?

For those who appear, they are flooded with semi-congratulatory phone calls, email, text, bb messages as if they’ve invented the cure for HIV.

If you see the ‘chosen ones’ within a week after the appearance, all of a sudden the new form of greetings becomes “….We only see you in Style“.

Now, don’t feel embarrassed for that person cause as much as they try to play down how monumental that feature was, they are beaming ear-to-ear inside. And often, they try and pretend like they didn’t see it – WHATEVA!

In a town vainer that Little Richard, I ask, should a picture taken by a stranger, published and ‘endorsed’ by strangers make you feel relevant?

What do you think?

This week’s Friday Track is Gregor Salto featuring Holland’s finest vocalist, Chappelle, this is the very soulful House anthem “I’m Your Friend”.

House music is incredible at the moment, and this is high up there. So whatever you do today, remind your buddies – either they are This Day Style regular or otherwise that you’re a friend!

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