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Recession? I think NOT!



We humans have this bad habit where we blame other people/things for our mistakes/errors/shortcomings. Recession has taken the blame for a lot of these shortcomings. I’m sure the poor word is tired. Breathe, this is not a piece about the results of recession.

Is there recession in our entertainment industry? I need an honest answer to this question. I can’t seem to place my hand on the reason artists don’t hire writers. I know we don’t like sharing money but I believe it’s time we start. The lyrical content in most of the songs released nowadays holds no water if I must say so myself.

We have people that can actually sing, wasting good beats on lyrics that would be ashamed if they could read themselves.

I mean people come out and say things like “Let’s go my princess/ light no dey, I go light incense“, “…You stay on my mind like lice“, “…Even if you have testes, I’m a pr*ck“, “…I’ll sniper them like Wesley“, “…You can’t stop me now I’m fullstop“.

These are just the few I could lay my hands on. Trust me, the real tsunamis are out there. Like my friend would say or rather type, //O_O\\.

I hear artists say things like “I’m not lyrical. I like my beat to make sense“. Really?! The industry you’ve decided to belong to, requires you care about what you say. At least, we your fans would love to have a “club song” that actually makes sense. One we don’t feel silly singing while we do chores or just relax.

We demand a punch line that can coax the grumpiest fellow into grinning. Yes we all have those off days when we run out of what to write. I believe many people refer to this as writer’s block. I’m talking about the artists that actually do come up with beautiful content on their good days.

To those that just scream arrant nonsense, please I beg of thee, singing is not by force. Ejo o. To those that actually know what they are doing, I believe a writer would be a valuable addition to your team. Someone whose sole purpose is to provide content for you to choose from instead of just settling for whatever you’ve managed to put down.

That being said, shout out to all the African artists out there making GOOD music. The kind you can come back from work, kick off your shoes, pour yourself a drink and just listen to. Thank you. As for those that want to give me a migraine, *now muttering Yoruba expletives*.

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