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‘A Lover’s Delight’- Christie Brown at 2010 Africa Fashion Week

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I fell in love with Christie Brown when they showcased a 5-look capsule collection at the Arise L’Afrique-À- Porter exhibition in Paris. It was designer Aisha Obuobi’s clean cuts, her simple but sophisticated silhouettes that launched Cupid’s arrow straight to my heart and this collection brings me back to what initially got me love-struck!

Like we’ve seen with previous designer collections at Africa Fashion Week, its colour! colour! colour!  and she goes for soft feminine hues; rose pink , yellow, teal and one of my summer favourites- crisp white.

She gives us flow, fit and fashion forward! The button details she uses to accent pockets, necklines, shoulders and sleeves are just absolutely gorgeous, from their alignment and placement to the varying sizes add depth to the pieces.

She does colour block in this collection sensationally well, and the shred details just fit right in.  I really like the way she works with the African print in this collection; from the buttons to how she infuses them with other fabrics, colours and uses it to create texture to her designs and accessories; the statement necklaces would be a nice addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

While I’m excited about the pieces in this collection- the jackets for example are lust wordy, however, I would have loved to see a little editing in the presentation of the collection. The collection consisted of a lot of hits, but there were a few pieces that weren’t as strong.

I’m glad Christie Brown still has my heart racing; looking forward to when the exaggerated pockets and sleeves hit the red carpet and hopefully I won’t be left out!

View collection below:

Credit : Simon Deiner/SDR Photo

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