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Photo Sharing Made Easy! Samsung West Africa Unveils Four Smart Cameras with Wi-Fi Capabilities in Lagos – View the Photos from the Launch



On Wednesday 23rd May 2012, Samsung Electronics West Africa – a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Company unveiled four new line of Smart Cameras- WB850F, WB150F, ST200F and DV300F that offer Wi-Fi connectivity for photo sharing, back-up and lots of other features into the Nigerian market.

The WB850F, WB150F, ST200F and DV300F Samsung digital cameras enhances the advanced optical zoom and image quality with wireless capability to facilitate sharing and saving images wherever users are in the world. Housed in a compact, lightweight and durable body, both the new 16-megapixel WB850F with 21x optical zoom and in built GPS as well as the 14.2-megapixel WB150F with an 18x optical zoom, make the perfect travel companions. ST200F also boasts 16-megapixel and 10x optical zoom.

Chuka Ofoma (Product Manager, Digital Imaging, Samsung Electronics West Africa) said “All of these cameras take such impressive pictures that people will want to share them immediately and with integrated wireless features, they’ll be able to do just that. Now, photographers don’t have to compromise, they get the benefits of a great digital camera including optical zoom, high quality image sensors, true flash and image stabilization along with the connectivity they expect from Samsung.”

The entire range of Samsung cameras is equipped with Beauty Shot. This feature is like having your own make-up artist, right in your camera. It automatically identifies imperfections and retouches them so that faces appear brighter and smooth. And with different level settings, you can control the amount of retouching that takes place. The new Smart Cameras also interface with Samsung’s line of Smart TVs, PCs, tablets and smartphones, creating a truly unique and integrated ecosystem. These 4 models support Remote Viewfinder features, allowing users to remotely control the camera’s shutter, zoom and flash from the palm of their hand, using any android based Smartphone or tablet.

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Photos from the Launch

Check out the Samsung Cameras Unveiled at the Launch

Samsung WB150F Camera

Samsung ST200 Camera

Samsung WB850F Camera

Samsung DV300F Camera

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