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Lagos Hotels are the 2nd Most Expensive in the World – Hogg Robinson Group



Hotels in Lagos have been ranked as the second most expensive in the world according to a recent research by the Hogg Robinson Group (HRG).

With an average room rate of £217.05 (N53,267), Nigeria’s commercial hub was found to be the second most expensive location.

According to a report on the Hogg Robinson Group website, the high volume of business travellers connected with the oil industry and people’s preference for five-star accomodation due to security issues were the reasons for the high rates.

Lagos emerged as the second most expensive destination due to the high volume of inbound business travel connected with the oil industry. Travellers to Lagos are also conscious of the city’s well-documented security issues and are more inclined to stay in five-star accommodation. Security is a significant concern in Lagos, so business travellers are advised only to stay in one of the few, high-end hotels in the oil-rich city.

Moscow, the Russian capital, emerged as the city with the highest hotel rates, an average of £258.11. In the third place behind Lagos was Geneva with average hotel rates of £215.92.

The Hogg Robinson Group is an international corporate services company that takes a biannual survey of hotel room rates for key business destinations across the world to provide a dynamic insight into global business travel behaviours.

What do you think about the reasons for Lagos’ high hotel rates – high volume of inbound travellers and preference for five-star accomodation due to security issues?

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