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African Superstars P-Square Pose with Malawi’s President Joyce Banda | View Photos From their On-Going Malawi Trip

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It seems our Nigerian super duo, P-Square are on an African tour, because it wasn’t long that we saw them performing out in Rwanda. Now, they are out in Malawi pending their Lilongwe concert originally slated for March 15th but unfortunately postponed to Saturday, 16th March, 2013 due to some unforeseen discrepancies.



In the mean time, they have been seeing the sights, making appearances and attending press conferences pending the big show, even meeting a loving barrage of fans on the way.

…as well as meeting the Malawian president Joyce Banda, an iconic African leader, who has been the president of Malawi since the 7th of April, 2012.


P-Square & President Joyce Banda

P-Square have really gone a long way since “Senorita”. It’s truly inspiring how far they have come, from being ‘those twins that dance’ to becoming superstars in all of Africa. Here are a few more photos from their Malawi trip:

Touchdown Malawi


Press Conference


Photo Credits: Instagram – Peterpsquare | FaceOf Malawi

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