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Soulful Crooner Bemyoda Performs a Soothing Acoustic Rendition of his single, “Shima Yam” for Ndani TV

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Bemyoda‘s acoustic rendition of his single, “Shima Yam” breathes in a re-invigorated life into the Soulful ballad and even if you may not understand his

Bemyoda is as much a creative writer as he is a beautiful singer. He does not present you music that is the norm; every line is the summary of a deeper meaning, every phrase explains a concept larger than it. His soulful sound has influences ranging from jazz and the blues to neo-soul and afro-pop, creating the eclectic mix that is Bemyoda. Here, he performs his first official single live on Ndani.”Ndani TV

“When you listen to my music, do this one thing – listen. My words will paint you pictures – visualize.”Bemyoda

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