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Wedding Plans First, Groom Later



Last year I stayed with this amazing friend of mine (she also happens to be my cousin!) who just absolutely loves weddings. She also loves to plan, plan, plan. I thought this normal until I found out she was planning her wedding. By the way, my friend is single… not engaged.. just SINGLE!.

Apparently a lot of single girls are doing this but they are not my ‘consine‘. When I asked for her reason, her response was this: “I need to be ready now so when the time comes we wont waste it planning.” 

I thought it was a whole new type of craziness, but it got me thinking….There are actually people who do this you know?

I have heard of women who have their ring sizes memorized and some who just know what band or artist they’re going have play. But having the entire wedding already mapped out is definitely a first for me.

Have women officially taken the next step to hooking a man to the next level? Having the wedding panned so when you finally get him you don’t waste any time?

To understand this better I asked my married aunt if this was something she did. She laughed and explained that even though she did, it didn’t prepare her at all. She still had to change so many things which more or less defeats the purpose of the idea in the first place. The fact that she had to factor in her husband’s budget and his mum’s ideas didn’t help either. “There’s something about being in that period of actually getting married that throws all your plans out the window.

I took my search a little bit further and asked a few of my friends. Almost everyone said it was perfectly fine to plan their wedding and some already have their plans down. However there was one who said something that made a lot of difference. In her opinion, it’s too early to plan. She broke it down: “If you’re planning your wedding now, it may seem all good and dandy, but you are forgetting a crucial piece; the man. I know women typically believe that when it comes to marriage the man isn’t always involved and the day is all about them. That is a wrong way to enter a relationship let alone a marriage that is meant for eternity. Your husband-to-be might not have the finances or zeal for what you’ve been dreaming about. Would you then say you’ll have it anyway even if he isn’t on board.

That’s her opinion but it raised some points. What do you guys think? Single ladies, do you have your wedding plans locked down and all you’re waiting for is the groom? Where does one draw the line between obsessive compulsion and just being a “girl scout”? If you’re married… tell us how you prepared. Did you just wing it when the time came?

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