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Who is to Blame For Oil Spills in the Niger Delta? Watch this Week’s Episode of the Battabox Video Series “Two Angry Men”



The security issues that plague Nigeria are not news any more. A lot of the problems in the Niger Delta have been ascribed to the pollution by the multinational oil corporations. Another school of thought is that the problems are inherent and can largely be attributed to the corruption of the leaders. Some other people believe that the people themselves vandalize the pipes and are to blame for the problems.

In this episode of Battabox – Two Angry Men, Harry & James both postulate theories and air out their views over lager.
Watch the video here and share your thoughts… if we find the source of the problem, perhaps then we are a step closer to a solution.


  1. Kenny

    May 2, 2013 at 10:09 am

    I leaders are solely responsible, they have failed the people who elected them. The level of corruption and insecurity in Nigeria is beyond human comprehension, the leaders fail to see all these bc they are busy looting and starching money abroad. The ordinary Nigerian, people have to change their mindset before anything positive will happen in that country, they should learn to hold their leaders accountable.

  2. Moche

    May 2, 2013 at 10:24 am

    You cannot put fish in a village full of rats & tell the rats not to eat the fish ….. LWKMD

    Obviously the Oil companies know what they are doing, … how on earth can U provide just bore hole for a village and not tap water, no electricity and more importantly no Jobs … then take billions of dollars worth of Crude Oil from the same community and expect them not to vandalize it ? *sigh*

  3. Sally

    May 2, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    Every other day, we listen and read about how the oil companies are ruining the Niger Delta which is not entirely true. First of all, the oil companies are profit-making businesses like any other business venture. No doubt it’s a high risk, and the oil companies are aware of that. That is why, they do not joke with health and safety. I think the oil companies are doing what they can to remain in business (according to international standards). Yes, there are operational spills, but it would be penny wise, pound foolish, for the oil companies to deliberately pollute the community. We buy products and later learn that the product were recalled because of one fault or the other, same applies to oil companies. These facilities are managed by individuals, therefore, there will be mistakes. It’s how these mistakes are managed that matters. A huge number of these spills we talk about are caused by sabotage and oil theft, which is an organised crime. In my opinion, the Nigerian Government has failed its citizens. Why should we depend on the oil companies to give our children scholarships, build schools, hospitals and roads. Let’s not forget that the oil companies pay so much to the government in form of taxes and royalties.

  4. jenny

    May 2, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    A good argument I would say; a great insight too…. but I am not certain how they came to the “its the government” conclusion. Left to me, I like the part where they say its the ignorance of the people… We all know that the Nigerian government has failed…we know that the elders too have sold their rights to get brown envelopes and turn the other eye, but how about the people… The people are not children who dont know what is right from wrong… I am going to say this, that the major strength of developed nations are the people… If we are saying that the people are ignorant, then what we see today, is the effect of the ignorance… Of the government, the elders and the people, the only set that can bring sanity are the people… The people have the power, but its so sad that these people do not know what their power is besides bursting pipe lines, they need to stop feeling sorry for themselves and hold the leaders and elders accountable… Its their right.. When you hear people from developed nations talking about “rights”, they are so passionate, not passive. They can die for their rights. Hold the government and elders by their balls, and let them see red…… Enough of the ignorance already… and the illegal things.

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