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Toolz the Glamazon! See her Stunning Look for the Glo X Factor Finale



Toolz' Glo X-Factor Finale Look - September 2013 - BellaNaija - 023

Now this is how to close a show!

Media Personality Toolz sizzled at the Glo X Factor Finale in Lagos.

A lot of you – our BellaNaija Style Watchers – have complained that Toolz’ looks for hosting the show have been too flashy and you’ll rather prefer them on the red carpet.

But on this occasion, we bet you don’t mind.

Toolz rocked a beautiful gold blouse, which features floral detailing on green velvet and short sleeves, and a gold embellished skirt with an alluring train. The outfit is by Valerie Davids.

Ifeoma Odogwu, Toolz’ stylist accessorized her finale look with diamond drop earrings and a gold cocktail ring. Soft wavy locks, smokey eyes, neutral lipstick by Doranne Beauty and pink nail polish completed the look.

Is she hot or is she HOT?

Toolz' Glo X-Factor Finale Look - September 2013 - BellaNaija - 026Toolz' Glo X-Factor Finale Look - September 2013 - BellaNaija - 022Toolz' Glo X-Factor Finale Look - September 2013 - BellaNaija - 028Toolz' Glo X-Factor Finale Look - September 2013 - BellaNaija - 027

Photo Credit: TCD Photography


  1. Barbs

    September 21, 2013 at 7:51 pm


    • Blossom

      September 21, 2013 at 10:59 pm

      I’m sorry but Toolz was not made for television *drops mic*

    • goldfinch

      September 21, 2013 at 11:28 pm

      1 million likes

    • goldfinch

      September 21, 2013 at 11:28 pm

      1 million likes but then Mo’nique comes to mind.

    • Neze

      September 23, 2013 at 4:18 pm

      What exactly does that mean? This comment is hateful for no reason.

  2. Stephanie

    September 21, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    Nice outfit…she looks ‘trim’ in d pic

  3. Modella

    September 21, 2013 at 8:05 pm

    I only care about DJ switch!!!! The girl is on fire

  4. Victoria

    September 21, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    I don’t think the busy fabric looks food on her, my opinion, but I wish there wasn’t so much going on, and she doesn’t look comfortable in the dress either, so it’s a Nay for me

    • Chic

      September 21, 2013 at 8:31 pm

      *food* Lol I immediately checked by my keyboard to see if F was next to G lol typo allowed:)

    • Caligrl

      September 22, 2013 at 11:32 pm

      She looks uncomfortable because the dress is a bit too small for her.

  5. funmi

    September 21, 2013 at 8:17 pm

    Her boobs though…

  6. opy

    September 21, 2013 at 8:25 pm

    Don’t. Like!!! Too busy 4 her size.

  7. The Fairy GodSister

    September 21, 2013 at 8:25 pm

    She’s chubby o, when are we going to accept the truth? Accept it so she can stop believing this ‘hour glass’ fable? Even if we have 1000 hours in a day!

    • sewa

      September 21, 2013 at 9:47 pm

      you are so right, Toolz is a big big chic, aint nothing wrong with that! i wish ppl will stop sugar coating the truth, this outfit looks absolutely awful honey! not flattering at all, thumbs down! hour glass fable……

    • Aduke

      September 22, 2013 at 4:37 pm

      Well said and the truth jare!

    • Bliss

      September 23, 2013 at 2:20 am

      LOL! That’s just wrong Fairy Godsister. You went hard though. 1000 hours?

    • slice

      September 23, 2013 at 2:28 pm

      honestly, i don’t say this to comfort her. I think she looks very very beautiful. I like her size. don’t even see the point in her losing weight unless it’s for health reasons. she’s got beautiful eyes and very nice lips and well her butt is lovely too. she wears nice clothes. the babe is more than alright in my book.

  8. seki

    September 21, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    She sings?

    • Nike

      September 24, 2013 at 7:38 pm

      Seki i dont think you are well… lol

  9. Spotter

    September 21, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    Outfit – so much going on. Very busy. Very traditional marriage. It’s a NAY for me!

  10. goldfinch

    September 21, 2013 at 8:37 pm

    the second to the last pic doesn’t do her any justice

  11. jane

    September 21, 2013 at 8:40 pm

    african woman does not look like a stick!!!!!!let africans be africans…babe is smiling to the bank,you are tripping mchew…toolz is haaaaawt!

    • Titi

      September 22, 2013 at 12:43 pm

      What african woman?!!!! Are somalian, eritrians or even slim nigerian women not african?! Keep deceiving yourselves…….please lose weight most cancers affecting women are linked to body weight. Breast, ovarian, endometrial cancer……..other diseases. Also women who do get them have a poorer prognosis. Lose weight please for your health if not anything else

    • say it lik e is

      September 22, 2013 at 2:57 pm

      Toolz is an African woman n she’s beautiful she’s no Victoria Beckham so pls let’s learn to appreciate our voluptious african women like South Africans,Ghanains n othe African countries do. But that dosent mean that I agree with that kind of cleavage she’s throwing around on a show dats a family show dts nt good at all to be displaying those huge breast wen children will be watching as well

    • Me

      September 22, 2013 at 3:55 pm

      You must be her size then…..please she is not healthy in any way. Or get abt VB here. She looks so uncomfortable in dt outfit. She is massive nd really need to trim down. Gosh!!!

    • Dumebi

      September 23, 2013 at 4:33 am

      You are a bloody hater……

    • Idak

      September 23, 2013 at 7:42 pm

      I agree with you largely and irrespective of my earlier comments appreciating her assets, I have long given up on Toolz and her habit of displaying her ‘wares’ for the general public. If she is not exposing a good portion of her massive bust, she is wearing clothes tight enough for the blind to see her very ample behind endowment. For a lady who is so talented and good at what she does,I often wonder. Like i have said before, women are the greatest disciples of female anatomical objectification. Apart from Iyanya, you rarely see men throw so much attention to their anatomy. It is so trashy and as much as i appreciate her kind of body, i wish she will stop drawing attention to them.Especially if she is not hawking them (i choose to believe she is not).

      *This retirement thing is just not working 🙂

    • Me

      September 22, 2013 at 4:02 pm

      Poor you… Is clear u dnt have a job or u ve never smiled to the bank. What is wrong with toolz bn comfortable and still smiles to the bank? She is not comfortable with herself, she is over over sized as a young girl and above all she is not healthy. She doesn’t need to be skinny but at least presentable. She looks like food for sugar daddies.

  12. madman

    September 21, 2013 at 8:43 pm

    One of the keys to selling your brand is that you have to be relateable… this is a bit too much. Lucky Demuren

  13. kadjalli

    September 21, 2013 at 8:46 pm

    un sans faute , like always

  14. _MrTush

    September 21, 2013 at 8:50 pm

    Nice outfit

  15. amarachi

    September 21, 2013 at 8:59 pm

    She really look lovely

  16. Lover

    September 21, 2013 at 9:08 pm

    Great dress

  17. Nnenna

    September 21, 2013 at 9:09 pm

    The Blouse,I like
    The Skirt,I don’t like but she looks good

  18. Miss_Flygerian

    September 21, 2013 at 9:32 pm

    mehn, Toolz is MASSIVE!!

  19. xoxo

    September 21, 2013 at 9:43 pm

    So sorry not “werking” for me. Looks more like an aso-ebi.

  20. Andrea

    September 21, 2013 at 9:46 pm

    Good outfit. Let’s learn to call a spade a spade…..

  21. debs

    September 21, 2013 at 9:54 pm

    She looks lovely.

  22. chucks

    September 21, 2013 at 10:12 pm

    toolz is XXXL,BUT still got the accentuated curves.

  23. That african chic

    September 21, 2013 at 10:44 pm

    Bursting out…

  24. Talk

    September 21, 2013 at 11:55 pm

    Tools is just BIG. Full stop. Nothing she wears can hide it, no colour, pattern or design. Imagine her naked, iyamaaaa, u go fear.

  25. banimo

    September 22, 2013 at 1:19 am

    Me no likey the dress sa!

  26. SOLO ACT

    September 22, 2013 at 2:22 am

    wow when toolz is like 50 those hips are going to be a pain

    • Anon

      September 22, 2013 at 7:16 pm

      Not that far. Once she has one kid it will be a

  27. ese

    September 22, 2013 at 3:05 am

    Dis is revealing too much cleavage.D neckline shud have come up a little n dat wud have given her a classy look.She tends to OTT.

  28. Tola

    September 22, 2013 at 3:23 am

    Toolz looks great,u guys shld go and get a life,i bet must of u looks terrible,shes is big and beautiful,we cant all be skinny for Gods sake.,toolz has got a great curve,flat tummy etc,we africans esp nigerians need to appreciate ourselves

  29. Temi T

    September 22, 2013 at 4:17 am

    toolz is an absolutely beautiful woman. .She exudes confidence. Her size is not on review here, just the dress. People can like to chill with all their comments on her weight. I however dont like the dress. too busy. but i think shes still stunning. Now if Genny wore this dress, everyone will be in love with it. but either way, whether its genny or tooz, the dress is still too busy.

  30. Nikita

    September 22, 2013 at 8:32 am

    This outfit has to be an Asoebi. Her stylist got it wrong. Skirt and blouse like this for a finale? No.

  31. LOVETH

    September 22, 2013 at 9:14 am

    Nobody is talking about being a stick, tell her thee truth slim ladies ain’t no stick they are sexy even when naked african bullshit bla bla bla being african does not mean being fat and she never even born one pikin, ever wonder what toolz will look like after 2 kids?

    • molly

      September 22, 2013 at 1:45 pm

      Has toolz ever solicited your opinion? Mind ur business.!

    • SOLO ACT

      September 22, 2013 at 7:05 pm

      tell them ooo! i am bored of this african women are not
      skinny sh*t i am not skinny myself but africa is not excuse for you
      to be Fat and obese. her BMI is probly off the charts and you are
      right she does not have one child. after child how fat would she
      be? i am trying to lose weight but it seems like she is just
      carrying her big boobs and butt around the place. there is a
      difference between voluptious (someone like kate winslet or
      christina hendricks) and TOOLZ. even oprah is not as big as this
      and she is in her 50’s

    • Jade

      September 23, 2013 at 8:21 pm

      At what point in time did she solicit a response regarding her weight. No one is blaming anyone here. It is her body and as far as i can see, she loves every inch of it. Africa has nothing to do with fat or slim, loving neself is the bottom line. She loves her curve and her weight and unless she is dying or sumn, u all should take a chill pill and leave the lady to live. Abeg, she has shown that there is nothing UGLY about being curvy or plus size. Appreciate it for what it is. The dress for me is not all that, but she wears it well and shows off her assets in which is her waist, hips butt and boobs. Toolz look awesome. More power to her. And if and when she decides to have a child, blessings to her and i know she will wear her pregnancy well will look more beautiful post baby weight. Thats that

    • Dumebi

      September 23, 2013 at 4:22 am

      Worry about yourself Hun, I bet you have a lot going wrong in your life, that is why you sound so bitter. Upload your picture lets see how perfect you are

  32. nene

    September 22, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    she looks huge in this outfit. but i love the colors and material.

  33. Agidi_jollof

    September 22, 2013 at 1:25 pm

    @spotter Ikr? first thing that came to my mind too. It looks traditional marriageish. Lol

  34. Turi

    September 22, 2013 at 1:28 pm

    Like you rightly said Temi T, her size isn’t in contention, so please let her be. In term of the outfit and other long flowing outfits she wore to the xfactor show, it’s a NO,NO. I know Nigeria wants to be different all the time, but check out the foreign singing reality shows, how many times do they have long flowing gowns on? Well I am glad she didn’t trip on the train.

  35. Alex freakum

    September 22, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    those jugs, those lovely jugs, those thighs, those thunder thighs *sigh. I’m an African man

    • Idak

      September 23, 2013 at 7:31 pm

      High five!!!
      You be correct man. you head dey there,indeed.

    • hot mama

      September 23, 2013 at 9:51 pm

      loool @Idak…see wetin drag you comot for retirement….admit it, you just cant help yourself jare!!

  36. Glisten

    September 22, 2013 at 1:39 pm

    Badly sewn skirt, frumpy badly ruched in the first pic. Toolz cant wear this outside Naija. sowie

  37. susu

    September 22, 2013 at 1:58 pm

    ur a peeevert. y do u want 2 imagine her naked?

  38. Ogei

    September 22, 2013 at 2:23 pm

    She’s big n’ beautiful….The Outfit,I like but not 4 this event!

  39. say what??

    September 22, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    I am an African woman and not a pig! I eat with moderation. and I move about as a non lazy African woman.

    • banimo

      September 24, 2013 at 2:54 am

      Good for you…now move along and go starve yourself!

  40. Tuu

    September 22, 2013 at 3:50 pm

    I tot d ques wuz abt d dress nt her body,lik srzly is she supposed 2kill herslf cos she’s fat?a lot of u struggle wit weight as much as she does,yt u’ll still say hateful tins,comments lik dis push pple 2depression,if she goes under d knife,pple will stil hate,if she let’s herslf go nd allow all d excess fat show,u’ll tell her2wear spandex,babe knos hw2 package well so let her b abg.

  41. Mama mia!!!

    September 22, 2013 at 5:03 pm

    Toolz my love, Love everything about you. If you feel healthy and are healthy, never change for no one. People will always say what they think but you know better. I remember being on the chubby side everyone criticized my size but when I naturally lost the weight to a uk size 6/8 come and see talk now. Oh! she has a condition, After all the effort not one person appreciated my looks instead they took me back to my chubby days saying I looked way hotter. Biko don’t change o. Leave them with their tongues that’s all they will ever be good at.

    • tatafo

      September 23, 2013 at 2:33 pm

      God bless you for this statement. You can never please human beings.
      Tooolz…despite what the critics say, you look good and you have such a pretty smile….you go girl!

  42. Ijeoma

    September 22, 2013 at 6:33 pm

    Well, it doesn’t look like BN gives us any opportunity to
    air our honest views without them already gloating all over the
    place about her. That is not how you report fashion or anything for
    that matter, BN! I don’t think a website of this caliber should
    take sides, leave it open for us to decide! My opinion: it is a
    resounding “NO”. wrong body on wrong outfit. Next pls!

  43. Hausa Girl in Texas

    September 22, 2013 at 9:15 pm

    Breaking News.
    Jane might be TOOLZ

  44. Hausa Girl in Texas

    September 22, 2013 at 9:19 pm

    People Just need to be realistic.
    CALL it a spade, not a simple farm tool.
    The more you Sugar coat the truth, the more
    Damage you cause.
    At least I believe most of the comments above
    Are constructive not destructive criticisms.

  45. itsjustme

    September 22, 2013 at 9:42 pm

    i love Toolz, but this style n material does not compliment her much.

  46. Silvia

    September 22, 2013 at 10:05 pm

    Toolz you are beautiful and I love you just the way you are,and God loves you more, you are beautiful just the way you are.just unfortunate you are in the spotlight thats y pple wont let you trust me, ur the best thing that will ever happen to ur self.

  47. gyal

    September 23, 2013 at 12:58 am

    Y’all stay debating about Toolz, while home girl stays cashing in the checks…lol,plus her man loves her the way she is

  48. Eniola

    September 23, 2013 at 1:00 am

    i don’t love the skirt, but i think her makeup and hair are gorg…go Toolz!!


    September 23, 2013 at 2:02 am

    I will never stop appreciating Nigerian ladies who promote decency. These are the kind of ladies despite their curves and beauty they still respect their bodies in public. Women u will be proud of when u see ur little daughter viewing her photos. Kudos Toolz. 1 billion likes jor.

    • Idak

      September 23, 2013 at 7:43 pm

      Good attempt at sarcasm.
      You want your daughter to be advertising breast milk like this in public? SMH

  50. ajebota

    September 23, 2013 at 7:50 am

    Can Demuren carry Toolz legs alone during bedroom runs?
    He will surely need the help of BankyW & Wihkid.

    • Puhleese

      September 23, 2013 at 1:55 pm

      No need to be an idiot. BN should not even allow such comment. Get a Life!!!

    • Idak

      September 23, 2013 at 7:33 pm

      How such comments see the light of the day amaze me.
      Very improper.

    • omada

      September 28, 2013 at 1:07 am

      I cannot believe BN approved this comment!!! You better go back to your cave, filthy human.

  51. Hurpeyeahmie

    September 23, 2013 at 8:23 am

    the boobs sha

  52. Yemy

    September 23, 2013 at 8:44 am

    Tools. Your looking very nice ! This look works for you keep the designer cos she understands how to flatter your figure elegantly

  53. benita

    September 23, 2013 at 9:36 am

    Toolz y wear wat u’not be comfortable with?i mean a simple dress will do.

  54. zelda

    September 23, 2013 at 10:15 am

    dnt like d way her boobs’s stickin out no,no, no

  55. Chu-Chu

    September 23, 2013 at 10:28 am

    it looks Asoebi ish….but she looked good sha.

  56. fashionandstylepolice

    September 23, 2013 at 3:05 pm

    She looks fab. I love her carriage.

  57. d baby

    September 23, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    how many of u can create a strand of hair on ur head? this is exactly how u all killed goldie with ur mouth,can u imagine how toolz feels everyday in that body?who on earth told u shes not concerned about it? i have friends as big as she is and trust me they dint get that fat by eating,most of them hv been dieting and gyming for years,no improvement, most of them are depressed,so please next time u try to judge someone,put urself in their shoes,if ur fortunate to have a slim body,not everyone is that fortunate and they would do anything to be like u.learn to appreciate everyone the way they come.

  58. lee

    September 23, 2013 at 3:59 pm

    The dress is nice for her best friend’s wedding but for a grand finale of a show, its a huge NO NO!!!

  59. Grace

    September 23, 2013 at 5:32 pm

    Toolz,Toolz,Toolz,great body,beautiful face,fine looking boobs….buh that skirt,NO for me…i will prefer she does some kneel length clothes sometimes..her stylist give her too much of long clothes i dont fancy. Buh the top is fine not the skirt.

  60. Temitope Oluleye

    September 23, 2013 at 5:54 pm

    Toolz is gorgeous and has a statuesque shape. The outfit is fabulous but the only negative for me is just the overexposure of her cleavage. It is time for us women to start appreciating and complimenting each other instead of “hating”. What is the point? Just admire and move on. There is no point being jealous. Not everyone is built to be a “lepa” that is just the reality. As far as I am concerned Toolz is not fat she is shapely/curvy. All women are beautiful in their different shapes and sizes.

  61. Aidish

    September 23, 2013 at 5:57 pm

    All of us cant be slim, we come in different shapes and sizes. She looks good!

  62. mrm

    September 23, 2013 at 6:30 pm

    I agree wit “say it like e is” dt much cleavage shldnt be exposed on a family show. D dress isn’t so bad on her, bt its wrong for d occasion.

  63. CarliforniaBawlar

    September 23, 2013 at 9:13 pm

    Na wah for all the comments sha…IMHO, irrespective of her size, the outfit is too tight and very aso-ebi’ish….

    And for all those going on about her health…thanks for the ‘concern’…shebi it’s something that would kill somebody. One of my closest friends , fit as a fiddle, just passed away yesterday, from an undiagnosed brain tumor…..yup…life sucks!
    Yes, we can all try to be healthy, but let’s live and let live….

  64. Harvey Dent

    September 23, 2013 at 11:05 pm

    Its about time you consider settling down aunty….

    Enough boobs on display, thought it was cossy at some point.

    Get married while you glooming, i can spot some wrinkles already.

    • omada

      September 28, 2013 at 1:09 am

      Of course, the marriage brigade is here. FOOL.

  65. ima

    September 24, 2013 at 12:52 am

    what of her bobo?..haven’t heard so much news about them#justsaying.

  66. banimo

    September 24, 2013 at 2:49 am

    Me I no like the dress o. Looks like something first lady of Anambra will wear!

  67. VeeOby

    September 24, 2013 at 3:26 am

    I’m sorry but that lady is just way to big for that outfit. She looks squeezed in it and very uncomfortable. I agree, not for television..

  68. VeeOby

    September 25, 2013 at 1:03 am

    She looks like a whale.. I wonder how it feels carrying around that mass of body, those thunder thighs.. gosh! her face is not bad but nothing else is flattering..


    September 25, 2013 at 3:30 am

    I’m offended by the fact that no one noted the real problem with this post. An amazon is a “tall and skinny” female and a “glamazon is a “glamorous amazon.” This woman is NOT skinny, please give me a fucking break and use the right words. I do not even know a lot about Toolz, so I can objectively say that this outfit is not that great…she is wearing aso ebi, not so?? Thank you and God bless!

  70. debbie'

    September 25, 2013 at 11:56 am

    i would love to see her legs for once

  71. bukola

    September 26, 2013 at 3:46 am

    I so love Toolz…but the outfit does look a bit like an ‘aso-ebi’ tho. She’s got a lovely body and so far she’s comfortable with it,y’all should mind ur bizness!

  72. omada

    September 28, 2013 at 1:21 am

    I wonder how this chick feels when she sees some of the comments people make about her body.

    Me I love that she hasn’t bleached herself like most people we know…

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