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BN Celebrity Weddings: QuestionMark Entertainment Boss & PMAN President Kevin weds Mariah




Aww! Mariah & Kevin are so cute! BN Weddings brought you the exclusive on the proposal and bling – the bride’s dream ring – a 2 carat cushion cut canary yellow diamond ring with a halo setting, now here’s their lovely wedding!

Groom Kevin heads QuestionMark Entertainment which has discovered and nurtured Nigerian talents into international megastars and he also heads the Performing Musicians employee Association of Nigeria (PMAN) while his beautiful bride Mariah is a Petroleum Economist. The beautiful and smart couple has been dating since 2011 and sealed their love with marriage ties this year.

Their Love Story – see the couple share it so sweetly – find out about their first date, his ring search and more on their journey!

Mariah and Kevin’s Love Story from Zenith Cinematography on Vimeo.

How Mariah & Kevin Met
We met at a boat party, we were introduced by a friend but didn’t really kick it off then (probably because he was basking in all the attention he was getting from all the girls….lol). When I was leaving he took my number but we didn’t meet up till months later and from then we were inseparable 🙂

How He Proposed
He proposed in his apartment on boxing day. He had organized a little party at his place for family and friends and I was busy serving people up and down the place (looking a bit crazy I might add) then he started making a toast and the next thing I know he’s saying how special I am and how he knows he will never want to lose me (at this point my heart is racing and at the same time i’m trying to straighten out my hair and look then he goes down on two knees and produces the most beautiful ring (then I stop hearing everything he is saying at this point) so he would have to fill in the rest … (see more in the video above!)

Advice from the loving couple –

Easy to say now but do not over-stress about anything. The day literally FLIES by and all those things you were stressing about becomes a really really tiny minute detail you will probably miss on the day. Just focus on having fun and enjoying your day regardless of anything, because be rest assured not everything will go as planned.


For their traditional wedding, Mariah and Kevin performed their dowry rites, where the bride wore akwa-ocha, literally meaning white (ocha) cloth (akwa) in Igbo – traditional cloth from Igbos in Delta State in the South-South of Nigeria, as the bride is ogwashi-uku, with regal coral beads gracing her neck. The groom also wore white and coral beads, signifying their togetherness. The bride then changed into a gold corset and wrapper, while the groom donned a gold satin long sleeve shirt and wrapper. The adorable couple both changed into blue for the final part of the night, where they danced to live performances including musician K-Cee. The newlyweds celebrated with their family and celebrity friends including radio veteran Olisa Adibua, music producer Cobhams Asuquo, designer Emmy Collins and more.

At the white wedding, the bride was beaming in an elegant up do adorned with a crystal headpiece, she held a calla lily bouquet speckled with sparkling stones. The wedding dress was a mermaid La Sposa gown with impeccable fit – the first dress she tried on, as it made her instantly feel like a bride. She says, “… but I could not just settle for the first dress so I did the mandatory run around all the other shops and tons of dresses but still came back!” The groom was dapper by her side in his petrol blue Tom Ford suit. For the couple’s first dance they swayed to the loving sounds of 2Face singing classic African Queen. The bride then changed into the most gorgeous sequin dress, before the couple giggled and grooved the night away on their first day as man and wife.

BellaNaija Weddings prays Mariah and Kevin have the sweetest life together.

White Wedding

~ Photography by Atunbi for The Atunbi ExperienceKevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_0 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_14 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_15 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_22 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_7 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_5 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_2 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_1 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_16 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_45 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_24Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_49 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_46Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_25 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_27 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_28 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_50 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_4 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_29 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_8 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_9 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_30 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_11 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_31 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_18 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_51 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_52 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_20 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_37 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_17 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_48 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_23 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_36 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_26 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_12 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_10 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_33 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_13 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_21 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_19 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_32 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_34 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_56 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_47 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_55Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_35 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_43 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_44 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_41 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_42 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_38 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_39 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_40 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_53 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_54 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_60 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_57 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_59 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_London_White_Wedding_58

White Wedding Highlights – by Zenith Cinematography

Mariah and Kevin’s wedding highlights from Zenith Cinematography on Vimeo.

Dowry Payment

~ Photography by Shola Aromokun for Konverge Media
Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_129Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_33 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_34 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_88 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_86 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_117 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_87 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_38 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_39 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_0 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_12 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_70 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_109 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_1 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_71 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_5 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_73 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_74 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_3 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_4 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_8 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_6 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_75 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_7 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_10 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_9 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_76

Traditional Wedding

~ Photography by Shola Aromokun for Konverge Media


Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_125 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_44 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_91 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_42 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_130 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_119 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_41 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_43Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_47 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_121 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_120 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_48 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_45 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_50 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_49 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_46 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_40 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_89 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_90 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_118 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_128 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_92 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_51 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_81 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_15 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_58 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_52 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_24 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_25 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_16 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_23 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_97 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_17 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_114 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_20 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_14 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_126 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_65 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_19 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_27 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_28 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_30 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_29 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_54 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_122 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_95 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_21 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_22 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_127 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_111 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_112 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_94 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_96 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_55 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_18 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_53 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_123 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_132 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_124 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_57 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_32 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_31 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_61 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_59 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_115 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_56Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_77 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_60 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_64 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_62 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_63 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_66 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_67 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_68 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_99
Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_69 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_78 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_79 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_80 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_82 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_108 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_98 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_106 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_100 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_101 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_103 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_105 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_107 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_102 Kevin_Mariah_BellaNaija_Nigerian_Edo_Benin_Wedding_104

Dowry Payment & Traditional Wedding: Shola Aromokun for Konverge Media 08022226711, plastiq (at) –
White Wedding: The Atunbi Experience – support (at) –

Videography: Zenith Cinematography – | david (at)

Wedding Details
Wedding Dates – Traditional: 13th April 2013
White: 16th August 2013

Dowry Payment: Bride’s Family Home
Traditional Reception: Yetunde’s Apartment
White Wedding: Micklefield Country Estate, Hertfordshire

Trad Wedding Planners: Perfect coordinators
Trad Decor: BTG events

White Wedding Planner: Amalya Events
White Wedding Coordinators: BTG events

Wedding Attire

Traditional Wedding
Trad Wedding hair: Bose for Beauty Bar @ L’Espace
Bridal Makeup : Elaine Shobanjo for Shomya
Friends Aso-ebi: Designers Muse
Maiden Outfit: Akwocha (Ogwashi-uku traditional cloth) made by Ozora
Gold Corset: Adebayo Jones (Fabric for both corset and wrapper from Joel and Sons, Edgware Road)
Blue Dress: Obsidian (fabric from Joel and Sons, Edgware Road)

White Wedding
Bridal Makeup: Katrina Appie
Bridal Hair: Amina Kadia
Bride’s Wedding Dress: La Sposa, from Bridal Rouge Gallery on Chiltern Street
Bride’s Gold Reception Dress: Adebayo Jones
Groom’s Suit: Tom Ford

White Wedding
White Wedding Cake: 4 tier crystal cake with pleats, inspired by the bride’s dress – by Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium
White Wedding Food: King Solomon Caterers
White Wedding Invitations: Upani Creations
Ceremony and Reception Flowers: Alina Flowers
LED Dance Floor and Lighting: Smoking Gun Events
Crockery: Sahara Fingers
Dessert Table: Chocolate fountain table by Mel –, info “at”
2nd Dessert table (not pictured): Tomisin Desserts
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    November 12, 2013 at 9:47 pm

    Awwwww!!!the wedding and the trad(#delta attire things :)) were so on point.watched the videos over and over again.I must love oooo.God bless this union.

  51. AShaNi

    November 12, 2013 at 10:05 pm

    eeeyaaa………my heart willgo on things….see as he steals kisses at any given chance…eeeyaaaaaa….
    more bliss to you guys…fine bobo things…

  52. Uche

    November 12, 2013 at 10:48 pm


    I see my shola! yay! going places…nice photography as always

    happy married life

  53. QMUL massive

    November 12, 2013 at 11:55 pm

    My Mongoloid!!! God bless you guys. A blast was had by

  54. slice

    November 13, 2013 at 12:16 am

    Beautiful. ..too good. loved the pictures

  55. asgrl

    November 13, 2013 at 2:41 am

    Excuse my crassness for a second here BN, but based on both videos, i swear these two have a *bleep*ing fantastic sex life. Choi! See passion!

    • Hilda

      November 13, 2013 at 11:52 am

      Na wa for u! Your mind goes to places LOL

  56. mirabel said

    November 13, 2013 at 3:17 am

    a very beautiful wedding concert… dey gon make cute
    babies father bless us .. <3

  57. NNENNE

    November 13, 2013 at 3:31 am

    Beautiful couple, happy faces. My prayer is that you two
    continue to laugh till the end of your life. HML.

  58. Hilda

    November 13, 2013 at 11:51 am

    Wow..Stunning couple!

  59. Louda

    November 13, 2013 at 9:31 pm

    she looks so young and effortlessly beautiful. May your marriage be more beautiful than you.

  60. Moi

    November 13, 2013 at 10:01 pm

    Beautiful Wedding…I wish them all the best in their marriage. YES……Delta in the house…lol

  61. mimi

    November 13, 2013 at 11:46 pm

    Am in love with this wedding. Biko can my faceless groom arrive already. lol

  62. mental

    November 14, 2013 at 7:12 am

    Chai…see beautiful something
    “off to find a boatcruise party to attend”
    And if i dont find,i’ll organize one… Only van vicker look alikes are invited
    Yep it is what it is… Me sef i want

  63. uju

    November 27, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    ….seriously i haven’t seen a happier couple….they seem so happy and carefree which justifies her advice. you cant stress yourself too much on your wedding day biko..its just such a crime!…btw didnt know @ms socially awkward was igbo. i follow your intelligent comments most times.. *wink*

  64. Divad

    November 28, 2013 at 1:18 am

    Another dapper groom rocking the blue suit trend….classic tom ford number right there

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