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BN Fitness: The Key To a Great Work Out is Proper Technique



Summer is on its way (yeah, it’s still some months away) but I believe so many people are already working on their beach bodies. When working out, proper technique is vital in achieving maximum results per workout. You might ask- What is this “proper technique”?
Working out and staying fit is very important, however the importance of proper workout technique is often overlooked.

First, what is ‘proper technique’? It means focusing on the motion of the exercise and concentrating on the specific muscles being used. It is very essential for all levels of training and influences the progress you will have. It focuses on the importance of quality over quantity. Proper technique also means lifting weights in a smooth and fluid motion

Using proper technique for your workout is very important especially in weight training. When done correctly, it can help build muscles, lose fat and increase strength. However when done incorrectly, injuries may result.

Proper technique helps prevent injuries. If you lack good workout technique, you put your body in wrong positions and place pressure on the wrong places, thus making your body more prone to injuries. This can lead to sprains, strains, and fractures

Proper technique helps increase your progress. By using proper technique you are able to target the right muscle group.

How to achieve proper technique

When getting started with weight training, it is advisable to consult a trainer or someone that is well knowledgeable in this area to show you the proper techniques. Many times, we rely on what we see other people do in the gym, but even those could be wrong too.

When working out with weights, you should start with a weight that is comfortable enough to lift about 8 to 12 times. This means, if you cannot do up to 8, then the weight is too heavy and if you do more than 12 then the weight is too light.

• Start with a decent amount of weight and do not increase your weights till you are stronger and thus able to do the exercise properly without compromising the quality of the workout.

Do not get intimidated because the person next to you is lifting heavier weights. You are in the gym to compete with only one person, and that person is you. Everyone is on his or her own fitness journey.

If you’re unable to maintain proper form, decrease the weight or the number of repetitions.

Slow it down or modify it if your technique starts to suffer.

Remember to breathe, do not be tempted to hold your breath. Instead, breathe out as you lift the weight and breathe in as you lower the weight.

What happens when you cannot do certain workouts?

Sometimes you may not be able to do a workout the proper way. In such cases, there are always modifications to most workouts, so do the modification moves and progress to the hard methods when stronger.

For instance with a pushup, do the modified ones on your knees. By doing this, you will increase your strength at proper form and progress to a full pushup. There is no point doing a full pushup when your form is completely wrong. Better to do 10 pushups with great form than 50 with poor form.

If you cannot find a modification, change the workout completely and do another move that targets the same muscle group.

How To Do a Proper Pushup

Get as close as possible to the ground – just as far as you can get without destroying your form. I cannot go all the way down so I go as low as my body allows me for now.
Keep your hands about shoulder width apart
Your arms should be straight and support your body
Engage your abs and back
Lower your body and try to keep your eyes a few feet in front of you.
Keep your body as straight as possible without lifting your butt up

Lolah Soyombo- Akingbade is a fitness blogger and owner of Christsoldiergirl fitness blog ( She also holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Notre Dame of Maryland University. She has a passion for working out, staying fit and helping others achieve their goals of healthy lifestyles. She can be reached on Instagram (@christsoldiergirlfitness) Twitter (@csgfitness) and Facebook (lolah christsoldiergirl Akingbade)

Lola Akingbade is a certified Nutritionist and Weight Management Specialist, Fitness blogger, HuffingtonPost Contributor and Owner of Christsoldiergirl Fitness Blog ( She also holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She has a passion for working out, staying fit and helping others achieve their goals of healthy lifestyles. She can be reached on Instagram (@christsoldiergirlfitness) and Facebook (lolah christsoldiergirl Akingbade).

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